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RingCentral App Easy and fast account access from anywhere.
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Get the leading all-in-one solution or just what you need.
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RingCentral Gives DAZ Systems a Big Increase in Communications Functionality and Fosters Better Global Collaboration.

Needed a phone solution that would work easily on day one, scale easily later.
Cloud-based RingCentral enabled easy office expansion and frictionless growth.
Continuing to benefit from RingCentral’s ease of use and cost-effectiveness.
Company profile
Company profile:
DAZ Systems, Inc., a worldwide Oracle Platinum Partner.
Year founded:
350 employees
El Segundo, CA

DAZ Systems, Inc. specializes in helping enterprise global companies deploy Oracle ERP applications. Over the past decade, DAZ has done more than 500 ERP implementations for companies in a wide range of

industries, from media to manufacturing, and life sciences to retail. The company has 250 employees in the US and 100 in India. DAZ is a 2016 winner of the Oracle Excellence Award.

Consolidating three phone services

Relatively few (approximately 30) DAZ employees work in the El Segundo headquarters. Roughly two-thirds of the workforce is made up of consultants who deliver the Oracle implementation services, typically working on site at customers’ offices across the United States. A third group handles remote support, located across the US and in the Hyderabad, India, office.

When Eric Andresen became VP of Support and Hosting at DAZ, each group had its own form of phone service: an aging PBX-based system in the headquarters; cell phones for the consultants; and a different phone system in Hyderabad. Some employees used a video conferencing solution, but its availability was limited due to its cost.

Andresen set out to make a number of improvements. “The PBX was no longer supported, so we needed to replace that. There was some communication between the US and the offshore team, but not that much and we were paying a lot for it. And we had no follow-the-sun 800 number,” he explains.

He had already moved much of DAZ’s IT infrastructure to the cloud. “There’s an irony to this, since we’re a technology company,” he says. “But we’re so busy taking care of our customers’ systems that it’s hard to take care of our own.” His plan was to consolidate on a single cloud-based business communications system.

Much more functionality for no extra cost

Andresen chose RingCentral for a number of reasons. One was the breadth of the functionality available. In addition to phone service, RingCentral would let Andresen provide the company with a better team collaboration platform (through RingCentral Glip), and extend voice and video conferencing to more employees (through RingCentral MeetingsTM). 

He also valued the integrations that RingCentral has with other popular software applications. “One of the reasons we picked RingCentral is because of the large number of integrations that we could take advantage of down the road, including ticketing systems and other potential rollouts,” Andresen says.

All this came at an attractive price. “For the amount we were paying for video conferencing previously, we were able to roll in RingCentral and get a lot more functionality,” Andresen says. That includes RingCentral’s global phone service, which gives DAZ a direct connection to India, a true follow-the-sun 800 number, and roving business lines. It also includes HD video conferencing with Meetings and team collaboration with Glip. “We were able to get rid of some less secure and inconsistent chat clients and institute Glip across employees globally,” Andresen adds.

Clear advantages of a consolidated system

One of the advantages of moving to RingCentral is that calls between India and the US are now as easy as local calls. “People are calling each other more and they feel more connected,” Andresen says. DAZ COO, Dave Binkley, has noticed that video conferences are improving camaraderie among management. “Every Friday we do a management video conference that brings in people from all over the US and India,” says Binkley. “We’re more productive now, and from a cultural standpoint, RingCentral Meetings has gotten us closer together. We laugh every Friday.”

Another advantage comes from Glip, which is used “religiously in the Support group,” according to Andresen. “We use it all the time. The DBA

Services group has set up their own Glip team, support has their own, management has their own,” he notes. It’s all part of a single unified corporate directory and people can use Glip to communicate across departments and company-wide with no problems. According to Andresen, any time an important customer issue arises, people use Glip to augment the communications during a help scenario. Management tracks things like meeting notes and vacation days with Glip.

A broad range of communications functionality, streamlined phone calling between the US and India, and smoother team collaboration—all for the price of stand-alone video conferencing? That is RingCentral at DAZ.

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