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Dynasplint Chooses RingCentral for Flexibility and
Administrative Advantages

Helping patients restore physical function

Dynasplint Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells dynamic splinting devices that help patients with joint stiffness regain range of motion in their peripheral joints. Dynasplint specializes in reducing rehabilitation time for a variety of injuries, including shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, jaw, and veterinary. Founded in 1981, Dynasplint has over 285 employees and is headquartered in Severna Park, MA.

Finding a new solution

Dynasplint needed to reduce its reliance on hardware and maintenance engineering support. Its legacy on-premise hardware was expensive and needed frequent updates, requiring constant configuration and management support from external technicians. From an IT perspective, this system was troublesome because it required extensive training, a secure and physical space in an office location, and was not reliable. “We had an emergency situation and our account representative was able to get our system deployed in just 12 hours,” says Nic Natale, Director of Information Technology. “RingCentral is amazing. I love that we can manage the system ourselves and that we do not have to worry about any hardware.”

Increased mobility and flexibility

Dynasplint has four divisional offices; however, most employees work remotely. The flexibility offered by RingCentral caters to the needs of all employees at Dynasplint. The head-up display (HUD) feature allows users to see a colleague’s availability based on whether or not they are on a call. With RingCentral, Dynasplint employees can take their personal phone numbers off their business cards and simply access work-related contacts by downloading the RingCentral app. “I no longer feel like I’m tied to my desk,” says Natale. “The RingCentral mobile app allows us to keep our personal phone numbers private but still remain reachable to both customers and colleagues regardless of location.”

Scalability made easy

RingCentral provides Dynasplint with tools and features that make it easy for the company to scale. Faxing is heavily used in the medical industry, but with RingCentral, physical fax machines are no longer needed. Business can be easily retained despite changes in staffing since employees no longer use their personal phone numbers. The company also plans to utilize RingCentral’s integrations with Salesforce® and Google for Work. “Our IT staff consists of just five people. We have plans to move to Chromebooks™ because it would help keep things simple,” says Natale. “Since RingCentral integrates seamlessly with Google for Work, our phone system will be one less thing to worry about.”

Company profile

Dynasplint Systems, Incorporated is a company that designs, manufac­tures, and sells dynamic splints that are used for range of motion rehabili­tation.

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Severna Park, Maryland

285 employees

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“The RingCentral mobile app allows us to keep our personal phone numbers private but still remain reachable to both customers and colleagues regardless of location.”

— Nic Natale, Director of

Information Technology