RingCentral and RingCentral Video Help IntelliSurvey Create Surveys Twice as Fast as the Competition
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I would say using RingCentral Video has given us a 30% increase in productivity. And that is an understatement.

Earnest Lynch

Desktop Support Technician, IntelliSurvey
IntelliSurvey develops complex online marketing surveys for a diverse client base that includes global Fortune 500 companies. The company achieves 50% faster programming turnaround compared to its competitors by combining the business and research expertise of its project managers with the power of its proprietary software.
Although headquartered in Ladera Ranch, CA, fully 75% of IntelliSurvey’s workforce is located elsewhere, allowing the company to be as responsive as possible to its clients. The company has offices across the US as well as locations in Europe and Asia Pacific.
With the speed of survey development being a key business differentiator, and with a workforce spread across the globe, tools that foster communication and collaboration across the organization are critical. That is why IntelliSurvey replaced its previous on-premises phone system with a cloud communications and collaboration solution based on Global RingEX™ (for US and international calling), RingEX™ (for video meetings and more), and RingCentral Video (for team messaging and collaboration).
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Many improvements, including a 30% productivity boost from RingCentral Video

Since the arrival of Global RingEX, most of the old hard phones have been replaced with softphones that are fully integrated with users’ Google G Suite applications. Employees who travel can use the RingCentral Mobile® app and never miss a call. RingEX has proved to be a great way to conduct daily stand-up meetings.
All of these are improvements over the previous system, but it’s probably RingCentral Video that has made the biggest impact on the company’s ability to collaborate, according to Earnest Lynch, IntelliSurvey’s Desktop Support Technician. “Using RingCentral Video has given us a 30% increase in productivity,” says Lynch. “And that is an understatement.”
RingCentral Video serves as an all-in-one team messaging hub that helps reduce email clutter and features file sharing, screen sharing, search, calendaring, and integrated task management tools to help keep people focused and on schedule. Lynch was hired after its introduction to the company. A number of collaborative programs were demonstrated by the IT team, but RingCentral Video has always been head and shoulders above the rest. “If a tool passes the IT test, then we let it out to the rest of the company,” he says.
RingCentral Video definitely passed their test. Lynch explains how IT uses it and why it’s so popular. “IT has separate RingCentral Video teams for each project. One for servers, one for team updates, one for troubleshooting, etc.,” he says. “By being able to have more than one team with the same users, you’re able to tailor your speech to focus the conversation and not muddy the waters.”

“RingCentral Video first” across the company, and data security too

After passing the IT test, RingCentral Video was next adopted by IntelliSurvey’s service team. “The service team picked up RingCentral Video and immediately ran with it,” Lynch says. “For them, it’s RingCentral Video first, call later.”
All IntelliSurvey employees have and use their RingCentral Video accounts. They appreciate the security and convenience of Google Drive being integrated, along with Atlassian products. “They’re able to securely share documents in RingCentral Video teams, which is how they keep their conversations organized,” Lynch explains. “RingCentral Video is our primary means of communication,” he adds. “We go to RingCentral Video first to have our conversations.”
By being able to have more than one team with the same users, you’re able to tailor your speech to focus the conversation and not muddy the waters.

Earnest Lynch

Desktop Support Technician, IntelliSurvey

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