Managed IT Provider Syngenius Uses RingCentral to Improve its Clients’ Operations and Reduce Their Tech Costs
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Our business model is built on trust. When we recommend a solution to a client, we need to know it will deliver everything the client needs and not let them down. With RingCentral, we’ve definitely found that solution for our clients’ telecom and unified communications needs.

Sabrina Bitting

Director of Client Operations
In a field as competitive as managed IT services, Syngenius has accomplished something astonishing. Despite minimal marketing or advertising, the Pennsylvania-based technology solution provider has managed to grow and add clients steadily for almost 20 years. How? By making—and keeping—promises to its clients that the company’s competitors don’t even try to offer.
To cite just one example, Syngenius guarantees its clients who call during business hours that if they don’t reach a person live—which is extremely rare—someone will call back on average within just 11 minutes.
As a result of service like that, Syngenius has grown almost exclusively through word-of-mouth advertising from its ever-expanding roster of delighted clients. Today, the company serves organizations of all types—from medical billing firms to accounting companies to non-profits to religious institutions—throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.
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The need to improve a client’s telephony leads to RingCentral

One of Syngenius’s clients, a top medical-billing firm in the Northeastern US, grew frustrated with its telephony environment. Sabrina Bitting, Director of Client Operations for Syngenius, explains that the client tasked her team with finding a better solution.
“This is a medical billing firm, and they have a very large number of agents, many of them remote, making calls all the time. The company’s old phone system didn’t give them the reporting capabilities that they needed for critical performance and management insights—like average handle time of the call, how many calls were missed, and which agents were taking calls at a given moment.”
Sabrina adds “the phone system itself was not this firm’s only concern about its IT communications environment. They were also using a mix of different tools and vendors for other communication services—one for team messaging, a different platform for cloud faxing, and a couple of apps for video conferencing. During the sales process, we recommended consolidating these tools and, ideally, providing value and a cost saving from having them integrated into a single platform.”
“Our medical billing client is thrilled with RingCentral’s reporting, analytics, and coaching capabilities,” Sabrina says. “After just getting by with essentially no reporting, the company can now get detailed rich reports automatically delivered to their managers anytime—daily, weekly—with any KPIs or performance metrics they want to monitor. RingCentral even gives their managers the ability to listen live in on live calls and whisper in to help agents mid-call.”

RingCentral delivers for the client—and for Syngenius’ own operations

As Sabrina explains, her Syngenius team investigated cloud-based communications solutions and found that RingCentral had both the best industry reputation and the most impressive feature-set—which was flexible enough to meet all of its clients’ different needs.
After learning about the capabilities of RingCentral’s unified communications solution, and working with RingCentral’s Professional Services team to implement the system for their medical billing client, Sabrina’s team was so impressed that they migrated Syngenius’ employees onto RingCentral as well.
“Our staff now uses every tool in the RingCentral toolbox for our own operations,” she says. “It’s our phone system, our video app for internal meetings and training new team members, our team messaging platform, our SMS texting tool, and even our cloud fax solution. And, the mobile app makes the transition from office to mobile seamless.”
One of the best things about RingCentral—both for our clients and for Syngenius—is the ability to consolidate communication services. For our clients, this means we can help them to stop paying separately for video, messaging, electronic faxing, and phone service. And for us, it means we can manage all these functions for our clients with a single vendor—RingCentral.

Sabrina Bitting

Director of Client Operations

Helping other clients improve their operations with RingCentral

And as Sabrina also notes, Syngenius has now helped many of its clients streamline and improve their operations by migrating them to RingCentral. Because Syngenius represents such a wide variety of clients, each organization’s telephony needs are different—but, she explains, RingCentral has tools to serve them all.
“The flexibility of RingCentral is just amazing. We have a charitable organization that runs a summer camp for children with disabilities. We set them up with RingCentral’s team messaging on their counselors’ cell phones to help them communicate across the 80-acre camp. They were contemplating purchasing walkie-talkies, but this turned out to be a much more efficient solution, saving money as well by leveraging the RingCentral solution”
“For another client, a domestic violence shelter, we set up a dedicated RingCentral number that they can publish for victims who want to send an SMS text message for help rather than make a phone call. They have a 24/7 hotline as well, also through RingCentral. Now, the organization’s advocates can both answer voice calls and respond to texts through the RingCentral desktop app.”
Finally, Sabrina adds, “Our medical billing client is getting tremendous value from RingCentral Video. Basically, it’s their entire training and onboarding platform, while everyone is working remotely. They use it for onboarding every new-hire, and it’s particularly valuable because this company hires remote agents all over the country.”

Consolidation leads to significant cost savings

Sabrina also points out by that migrating its clients onto RingCentral’s unified communications platform, Syngenius is able to help these organizations significantly reduce their overall telecom-related costs.
We’ve helped our medical billing client achieve significant savings with RingCentral. After we helped them cancel their standalone services for video, chat, and fax—because now they have that all with RingCentral—the company was able to reduce their communications costs by thousands of dollars.

Sabrina Bitting

Director of Client Operations

RingCentral’s Professional Services Team made onboarding clients easy

When Syngenius was ready to implement RingCentral for its medical billing client, Sabrina engaged RingCentral’s Professional Services Team to help with training and implementation. That experience proved so helpful, she notes, that now Syngenius can quickly and smoothly onboard other clients onto the RingCentral platform.
“RingCentral’s Professional Services group was like our train-the-trainer team,” she says. “They were so knowledgeable and responsive to our questions that we felt like after that one implementation experience, we were ready to do it ourselves for our other clients. And it has worked out beautifully for each additional client we’ve brought onto RingCentral.”