With RingCentral Contact Center, this Global Supply-Chain Risk Provider Sees 60% Reduction in Abandoned Calls
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From a support operations perspective, telephony was one of the biggest obstacles to our success. With RingCentral Contact Center, our phone solution is now one of our greatest strengths.

Nancy Opial

Senior Manager of Customer Success Services

Helping contractors and their clients make work safer for millions

Every day, millions of hardworking people—in fields such as energy, manufacturing, and agriculture—perform jobs that are not only physically taxing but also dangerous. Businesses that hire and manage these people face strict safety regulations and steep penalties for failing to protect their workers. To manage these risks, and create a safer working environment for everyone, hundreds of large companies—and thousands of contractors—turn to Veriforce.
As the industry’s only end-to-end supply chain risk and compliance management solution, Veriforce has built a unique software platform and global network for contractors and hiring firms. The company’s solution helps clients track their various compliance programs and helps contractors who join the Veriforce network differentiate themselves as safety-conscious firms that corporations can trust.
This unique model—bringing together hiring corporations and contractors around a cloud-based risk management platform—has proven so successful that Veriforce now has more than 800 hiring clients in its network, where they can find 50,000 carefully vetted contracting firms across 120 countries. Today, in fact, more than a third of North America’s top energy companies trust Veriforce’s solutions to keep their worksites safe.
But a series of large-scale mergers left Veriforce with several standalone telephony systems. To continue delivering outstanding service to its clients, the company decided it was time for a modern, unified communications platform and contact center solution.
Hartford, CT

Disparate telephony infrastructure undermined operations

Through several high-profile mergers in recent years, Veriforce went from a single-location company in Texas to a firm with a global footprint—including another large US office as well as locations in Canada and South Africa.
As IT Manager Glenn Courington explains, the incompatible phone systems in each of these offices created significant internal-communication challenges. “It was driving us crazy maintaining three phone systems that didn’t talk to each other. We had to create custom rules for the simplest tasks, like letting employees transfer callers to another office.”
Nancy Opial, Veriforce’s Senior Manager of Customer Success Services, adds that these problems undermined the support efforts as well. “We have support agents at both US offices. But I could never see the full picture—which office had heavy volume, which agents didn’t seem busy—so I couldn’t effectively allocate staff. Plus, the phones were so complicated that moving an agent to another queue was a huge undertaking.”

Pulling together all global operations with unified communications

Glenn and Nancy solved these and many other operational challenges when they began deploying RingCentral’s cloud-based unified communications solution to everyone across the global organization. This included RingEX as employees’ anywhere, any-device business phone solution, and RingCentral Contact Center for the customer support teams.
The benefits, they point out, were significant, starting with having a telephony solution that supported remote work just as the COVID lockdowns began. “We had to go 100% remote quickly,” says Glenn. “But with RingCentral’s softphone, we made that transition smoothly from day one. In fact, we kept hiring during the lockdowns because RingCentral made onboarding so easy. Download this app and you’re ready to go.”
From a cost-savings perspective, I can tell you we haven’t purchased a single physical phone since we joined RingCentral. With the softphone capabilities, we haven’t had the need.

Glenn Courington

IT Manager
In addition to no longer needing to budget for desk phones, as Glenn notes above, Nancy explains that the company discovered another way RingCentral’s softphone capability is saving them money.
“I used to pay $250 for every headset to support our agents,” she says. “But because we can now all log into RingCentral on our computers, any simple USB headset will do, and most of our agents already have one that works. If they need a new one, I can order them a headset that costs $20—and it’ll work perfectly with the RingCentral softphone solution.”

Building a world-class support operation with Contact Center

As Nancy points out, she and her support teams are finding many ways to leverage RingCentral Contact Center to streamline their workflows, respond more quickly to callers, and improve their customer experience.
“It’s now so easy for me to move agents around if we need more or less coverage on a given team,” she says. “I can go into the RingCentral Contact Center admin portal anytime and, with just a few clicks, set an agent up to answer calls in a different queue or from a different region of the world.”
Nancy also points to specific Contact Center features helping her teams better serve customers. “The callback option is great for helping us manage periods of high call volume. We used to ask customers to leave a voicemail if the wait was long, but now we can allow them to hold their position and receive a call back when an agent is available. That’s a huge win for both our efficiency and our customer service.”
When we rolled out RingCentral Contact Center and could finally review detailed call data, we saw our abandon rate was high—maybe 40%. But since we’ve been making use of Contact Center’s features, we’ve gotten that down to about 15%, which represents a 60%+ reduction in abandoned calls

Nancy Opial

Senior Manager of Customer Success Services
As Nancy also points out, from an operational standpoint, Veriforce is now more confident about its growth plans because the company knows it has a scalable, flexible, and truly global communications solution that will make expanding its worldwide footprint simpler than ever.
“We have plans to keep growing internationally. Because RingEX and RingCentral Contact Center make it so fast and easy to connect our global offices, open new locations, and onboard new people anywhere in the world, these solutions are going to make our expansion goals a lot more attainable.”
With the RingCentral-Salesforce integration, our support agents use the screen pop-ups to quickly review a customer’s profile and any outstanding support issues.

Nancy Opial

Senior Manager of Customer Success Services