Global Provider of Communication Analytics Finds the Best Solution to Power its Own Staff’s Communications: RingCentral
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Our productivity has increased two-fold because we now have everything — voicemails, SMS, faxes, files, team chats — in one place.

Rito Salomone

President, RSI

Few organizations in the world have as much data as RSI to demonstrate the direct connection between the right IT communications solutions and a company’s success.

For 30 years, Resource Software International (RSI) has been developing solutions to help businesses more effectively analyze their IT communication environments, increase employee adoption of new technologies, boost productivity and efficiency, and ultimately improve the customer experience.

The company’s analytics solutions have proven highly effective. RSI has become the go-to resource for thousands of businesses in need of solutions such as call accounting, call center reporting, emergency notifications, and team-collaboration analytics—as well as custom integrations that connect disparate technologies together.

Because its customer base includes businesses of all types and sizes, across 80 countries, RSI has learned about and built solutions to integrate with virtually every telecommunications provider. So, when RSI decided to upgrade its own communication environment, the company had the expertise and data to know which solutions were most capable of delivering what the team needed.

Discovering RingCentral’s capabilities first through integrations

Long before the company was ready to upgrade its own communications infrastructure, RSI had become familiar with RingCentral. As President Rito Salomone explains, for customers the two companies had in common, RSI used RingCentral’s APIs to add data-reporting functionality to RSI’s own Shadow All-in-One Analytics solution.
We’ve seen our monthly telecom spend drop 35%.

Rito Salomone

President, RSI
High Tech
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

From integration developer to strategic partner

The relationship deepened when Rito met with RingCentral executives and demonstrated the first tool RSI developed for the RingCentral App Gallery: an analytics solution called Shadow Spaces, which gives managers visibility into how their staff use RingCentral’s team messaging and collaboration platform.
“I believe Shadow Spaces caught some of the RingCentral executives off-guard,” he says. “When I demonstrated the entire app on an iPad I was carrying, they were in disbelief.”
Realizing how knowledgeable the RSI team was about communication analytics, and how adept they were at developing apps, RingCentral added the company to a small group of trusted solution partners in the RingCentral Premier Business Partner Program.
And this strategic relationship has resulted in several large-scale customers signing onto both RingCentral and RSI solutions.

From strategic partner… to RingCentral customer

At the time RSI was building Shadow Spaces, the company was also beginning to evaluate new communication solutions for its own operations. RSI was growing, the company’s telecommunications costs were increasing, and it was becoming difficult to keep everyone connected.

When RSI’s development team requested access to a live RingCentral environment to test the entire Shadow suite, the company got a closer look at all of the other communication tools available in RingCentral’s unified solution: cloud phone, video conferencing, voicemail, SMS, online fax, team messaging, file sharing—and mobile apps to do it all from anywhere.
As Rito explains, when they rolled out RingEX, RSI’s staff quickly and enthusiastically took to their new cloud communications solution. “The more time people spent in a single environment for calls, meetings, and chats, the more we could appreciate firsthand the true value of unified communications.”

Rito also points out that RSI is benefiting in many ways from its decision to become a RingCentral customer, including:
  • “We’ve seen our monthly telecom spend drop 35%.”
  • “Our productivity has increased two-fold because we now have everything—voicemails, SMS, faxes, files, team chats—in one place.”
  • “The team can work and collaborate from anywhere now, using any device.”

Dream jobs in dream locations

With more than 5 million users and over 6,000 employees, RingCentral offers incredible opportunities across the globe.