A secure, compliant, and unified communications solution built for financial services

Propel business growth

Fintech startups, as well as established banking, accounting, and insurance companies, rely on RingCentral to help them with the challenge of balancing cost, regulations, and confidentiality in a fast, ever-changing digital world. RingCentral’s all-in-one secure communications and collaboration platform gives you the opportunity to deliver a top-tier personalized experience while making significant budget savings.

The highest level of security for financial data

RingCentral protects all of your customer and corporate data against security and compliance breaches so that you can guarantee your customers always experience the highest standard of data protection across all devices. We offer:

  • The same redundant infrastructure as Nasdaq and NYSE
  • Support for FINRA-regulated customer compliance requirements
  • Seven layers of security
  • TLS and SRTP encryption between all endpoints
  • Enterprise-Ready, Skyhigh’s CloudTrust™ highest rating

Drive user productivity and efficiency gains

RingCentral is an all-in-one customizable solution that can drive costs down and productivity up by connecting and aligning your team with over 100 business-critical integrated apps.

  • Consolidate all business communications into a single application.
  • Eliminate support expenses as there's no equipment to install and maintain.
  • Customize with ready-to-use integrations such as Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, and over 100 apps.
  • Powerful team messaging digital workspace that allows teams to organize projects and streamline workflows.

Increase customer engagement and satisfaction

With RingCentral’s integrated cloud communications solution, never miss or misroute a call again. Say goodbye to disgruntled customers and the resulting lost revenue these mishaps incur.
  • Real-time quality of service reports to monitor and troubleshoot call quality.
  • Multiple connectivity options including MPLS and SD-WAN for an additional layer of reliability for voice and video.
  • Multi-site support to help manage central locations and local branches tailored to your unique call flow and handling.

Deliver competitive, quality customer service

In the increasingly digital, competitive world of financial services, delivering a flawless customer experience is key.

  • A robust collaborative contact center platform.
  • The ability for agents to access experts for increased first contact resolution.
  • Support customers on any channel including, voice, chat, email, SMS, and social media
  • RingCentral Pulse™ intelligent bots for real-time metrics monitoring.
  • Open API platform to seamlessly integrate RingCentral voice, text, and data with virtually any CRM or  service applications.
“Having calls, texts, emails, faxes, and documents all under one umbrella creates a more streamlined workflow for employees.”
Scott Evans
IT Manager, Open Mortgage, LLC
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