How RingCentral's Global Support Team Uses Digital Customer Service to Speed Up Response Time

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Company profile:
RingCentral, an enterprise SaaS organization, has become one of the world’s most successful creators and deployers of online communication apps and solutions. Thousands of businesses—including many Fortune 500 and leading corporations around the world—rely on RingCentral's solutions everyday to power their business operations.
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San Francisco, CA
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If you contacted the support team of a large global firm, you wouldn’t expect to be greeted by someone who knew your name, understood your issue, and showed a genuine interest in helping you resolve it. Who could blame you? It’s how we’ve all been conditioned.

Unfortunately, RingCentral found its own customer-support operations falling short of the company’s mission. The irony was that they develop some of the world’s most widely used digital communication and productivity solutions. Businesses count on these apps to improve their operations. But when those businesses contacted the company’s support department for help, they often found the experience underwhelming.
Dedication wasn’t the problem. RingCentral sets a high bar for the support agents within the company, and those agents have always shown commitment to delivering the best customer experience they can. The problem was, the communication management platform the support team used made it nearly impossible to provide the timely, personalized help they were committed to giving every user.

An overwhelmed support team

As a SaaS company providing modern digital apps, RingCentral’s business customers are generally tech-savvy. They weren’t just contacting support by telephone. They reached out by online chat, in-app channels, as well as through various social media platforms.
With their previous communication management tool, the team would get a lot of inbound interactions from their social channels, with no way to prioritize them, track key analytics, or associate trends to improve on their service strategy.
“We had to click through many tabs to get to threads for each channel,” recalls a RingCentral Community Support Specialist. “Comments would fall through the cracks. We were overwhelmed with the amount of the content coming through and didn’t have the tools to separate legitimate customer inquiries from other comments or ads.”
The company needed to find a way to unify the customer experience across all digital platforms, so that the support team could respond with the right information in a timely manner.

The solution: an omnichannel digital platform

When RingCentral’s support teams  switched to RingCentral’s Engage Digital solution—an omnichannel solution that unifies all digital customer-facing channels in a single platform—the support team found it finally had the tools to deliver on the  RingCentral mission: helping its business customers increase communication to become more effective and productive.
The Engage Digital solution gives support agents a single interface to view, analyze, and respond to all customer inquiries whether they come in through social media, chat, the company’s website, app, forums, or other digital channels. This empowers agents to quickly gain key information about each inquiry, review the customer’s history, and look for similar issues that have been previously resolved. The agent can then spend time helping the customer, and showing empathy, right away.
  • 15% of support calls diverted to chat
  • 50% of the chats that were deflected from voice were closed through chatbots
  • min reduction for account information collection via chatbots

Delivering an outstanding customer experience

With RingCentral Engage Digital, RingCentral’s support team is able to provide a consistently excellent customer experience. And because the omnichannel platform gives agents real-time insights, they’re able to address each customer’s issue quickly and with care. As the RingCentral’s social media manager explains, customers have noticed:
“Our customers appreciate it because there’s no delay, and they can tell that they’re being listened to. Because this unified platform pulls together history of interactions and filters out the noise on each digital channel, we can now use our time to focus on working with each customer until their issue is resolved.”
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