RingCentral Helps the Largest Senior-Living IT Provider Improve Service While Saving Thousands of Dollars a Year
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With RingCentral, we’ve been able to consolidate communications systems, give our staff more flexibility and mobility, and provide our senior-care clients with a better experience. And although we were hoping to gain those improvements and just keep costs neutral, we’re actually saving thousands every year with RingCentral.

Gary Jones

General Manager

Helping senior-care providers devote more time to their residents

The providers and support staff who operate senior-care organizations, such as Skilled Nursing Facilities and Living Communities, are responsible for both the health and quality of life of their residents. The last things these caregivers should be worried about are the reliability of their buildings’ WiFi, the security of their teams’ endpoint devices, and administering employees’ workflow applications. That’s where vcpi comes in.
A managed service provider focused exclusively on senior living, vcpi is the industry’s largest IT partner to senior-care organizations throughout the United States. The company provides a wide range of support—from custom technology solutions to fully managed IT services — to clients at more than 3,500 locations nationwide, serving more than 80,000 residents.
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A terrifying incident kickstarts the company’s digital transformation

When a ransomware attack forced vcpi to shut down its IT environment — including the on-prem phone system that powered both the company’s internal communications and client support center — the incident prompted a search for a more resilient communications solution.
Gary Jones, General Manager of vcpi, explains that while the attack provided the initial catalyst for this search, his team quickly expanded the scope of their objectives to include other operational benefits.
“The on-prem system was consuming a lot of our team’s time,” Gary says. “Making even small changes required manual configuration work. And we needed those changes all the time, both internally and for our clients, many of which we were also supporting on our phone system.”
As Gary’s team examined the company’s overall IT environment, they realized they could also gain efficiencies through consolidation. 
“We were using different solutions for phone and video, which didn’t communicate with each other and forced us all to maintain several sets of credentials. We also didn’t have a mobile solution, which forced employees to give out their cell numbers to clients and prospects. That also made everyone’s personal phones yet another category of communication devices for us to integrate into our employee expenses for reimbursement.”

RingCentral provides resilience, mobility, and other operational benefits

As Gary explains, vcpi solved all these telephony challenges when they rolled out RingCentral’s unified cloud solution for business phone and video conferencing, as well as RingCentral Contact Center to power the company’s client support operations.
“With RingCentral, our phone service is no longer vulnerable to either a natural disaster or attack on our data center — because we’re not maintaining any physical phone system hardware. It’s all managed in the cloud by RingCentral.”
But as Gary adds, the most significant benefits of having RingCentral are the many operational improvements vcpi has been able to implement thanks to new communications capabilities that the company never had before.
“Our sales reps are now more mobile and responsive because they can make and receive calls, or even texts, on their business numbers from anywhere. They can even hand off a call from their computer to their cell phone — without anyone realizing they’re doing it — if they’re speaking with a prospect in the office or on their laptop at home but need to get on the road mid-call.”
Additionally, Gary notes, the company leverages the built-in RingCentral Video to run meetings more efficiently and conveniently.
RingCentral Video works everywhere, on every device, and our employees’ credentials are the same as for the rest of their RingCentral environment. That’s making it easier than ever for us to run our all-staff meetings, no matter who’s in the office and who’s joining remotely. Those meetings just work.

Gary Jones

General Manager

Improving the client experience with RingCentral Contact Center

Many of the biggest operational improvements vcpi has experienced, Gary explains, are the result of rolling out RingCentral Contact Center for all the company’s 60+ client support agents. 
“RingCentral Contact Center is proving to be the real game-changer for us,” he says. “Because it’s so intuitive and easy to administer online, we’ve been able to do things like add skills or update our routing instructions with a few clicks — something that took hours with the old system. That means we’re able to continually deliver a better experience for our clients.”
“We’ve also been able to automate many common tasks our clients call in about, such as help resetting a password. RingCentral Contact Center lets us guide clients to automated instructions for those issues, which lowers the number of calls going to live agents — saving our clients time and our company money.”
In fact, Gary points out, these benefits are quantifiable. 
We saw about a 5% drop in calls to live agents in the first year thanks to RingCentral’s automation – and we expect this number to continue as we build more automated self-serve instructions for callers. That trend means we’re reducing the burden on our live agents and helping clients get their issues resolved more quickly. It’s a huge win-win.

Gary Jones

General Manager
And as Gary also explains, the Workforce Management capabilities in RingCentral Contact Center are giving vcpi a level of business intelligence that’s helping create even more efficiencies. “The Workforce Management tools give us both visibility into our call volume trends and the ability to make smarter, more proactive decisions about how to properly staff our agents’ lines,” he says. “That’s helping us both manage costs and provide better client service.” 

Gaining even more workflow improvements with RingCentral integrations

Finally, Gary points out, vcpi has found additional operational benefits using the RingCentral for Salesforce integration.
“Our reps are in Salesforce throughout the day. Being able to initiate a prospect call with one click, without having to leave their Salesforce environment, is a huge benefit for that team. The reps get the screen pops with client info as they’re making or receiving a call. RingCentral automatically logs each activity, which gives their managers more business intelligence. And each of these steps might save each rep a minute or two for every call — which really adds up across 30 or 50 calls a day times a couple of dozen reps.”
One key theme we see with RingCentral is time savings. Whether that’s our reps not having to dial dozens of prospect numbers and log those calls every day, our IT team not having to manually configure phone changes, or our ability to reduce call traffic to agents by letting callers self-serve for standard requests, RingCentral saves us time everywhere. And that’s time we can put to better use serving our clients, so they can better serve the residents under their care.

Gary Jones

General Manager

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