RingCentral helps MMC consolidate communications, support remote staff, and save 20% on telecom costs
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ongoing savings after migrating from Mitel system to RingCentral


immediate employee adoption to the RingCentral cloud platform


weeks to complete a frictionless RingCentral deployment companywide
Given how many employee workflows we’ve been able to improve across our company, how much visibility we’ve gained into our communications, and how much money we’re saving — not to mention how effortless the implementation itself was — my only regret is not migrating MMC to RingCentral sooner.

Raul Terrazas

Manager of Information Technology

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COVID accelerated the need to migrate from Mitel phone system

Raul Terrazas, MMC’s Manager of Information Technology, explains that for years the company relied on a premise-based Mitel phone system — which was missing certain functionalities the team would have liked, such as detailed reporting and analytics, but largely served the organization’s basic telephony needs.
But, Raul explains, the COVID lockdowns put a spotlight on a significant shortcoming of that system, which ultimately led his team to RingCentral’s unified cloud communications solution.
“With our employees suddenly forced to work remotely, we needed a communications platform that could function equally well whether the user was holding a desk phone in our office or was at home with only their smartphone or laptop. Our Mitel system didn’t give us those capabilities, at least not in a seamless and reliable way.”
When we reviewed cloud communication providers, RingCentral stood out for many reasons: it offered all key communication services in a single platform, it enabled remote work, it was extremely intuitive and user-friendly, and it had a deep integration with Salesforce — which was a must-have for us. Even if it wasn’t going to lower our telecom costs, which it did, we would’ve selected RingCentral.

Raul Terrazas

Manager of Information Technology

RingCentral helps create a smooth, hassle-free implementation

Migrating the entire MMC organization from the legacy Mitel system to RingEX (Message, Video, Phone) proved far easier than Raul expected.
I’ve been involved with a lot of IT implementations, and this was the most seamless, effortless deployment I’ve ever seen. No stress. No hassles. And in two weeks, we were fully up and running on RingCentral.

Raul Terrazas

Manager of Information Technology
As for what made the migration such a positive experience, Raul cites two factors.
“First, we had a great RingCentral Implementation Specialist,” Raul says. “She really thought through all the project management details, so we didn’t forget anything, and she met with us regularly to make sure we were on track at every stage.”
A second reason, Raul adds, was the fact that RingCentral and Mitel are now partners and are working closely together.
I think the RingCentral-Mitel partnership helped make this migration go more smoothly because our RingCentral Implementation Specialist was able to quickly port all of our numbers and other data from our Mitel environment over to RingCentral.

Raul Terrazas

Manager of Information Technology

Improving workflows across the company with RingCentral

With RingCentral now deployed companywide, MMC’s employees can now access any type of business communication — voice, messaging, video, SMS, fax — from anywhere using the RingCentral softphone on their computers or the mobile app on their smartphones. As Raul notes, this has led to operational improvements across the company.
“With our old phone system, our HR liaisons who travel regularly to client sites couldn’t take or make calls using their business number. That meant they had to use their personal cell numbers, which wasn’t the most professional and didn’t allow us to capture all of that call data in a central system. With RingCentral, now everyone can have those calls or texts on our corporate MMC business numbers no matter where they are and what devices they have.”
As Raul also points, MMC’s employees are adding efficiencies now that they have such flexibility in where and how they receive business calls. “RingCentral is so flexible that anyone can go into their account online and set their business line to ring through to this device or that one, or just to ring on all of them at once — which is my favorite — and to adjust the hours where they get those calls and when they send them to voicemail.”
He adds: “This makes it so much easier for our teams to be productive and responsive when they need to be. And that’s why we’ve basically gotten 100% positive feedback about RingCentral from across the company.”

Integrating RingCentral with Salesforce

Another way MMC is benefiting from RingCentral, Raul explains, is by consolidating digital solutions into one unified platform. Whereas the company previously needed different systems and vendors for telephony, video conferencing, messaging, and electronic faxing, now the company can give employees access to all that functionality in the unified RingCentral app.
In fact, Raul adds, his team had to support yet another standalone communications system to embed telephony into MMC’s Salesforce environment. But he’s able to consolidate that service now as well, thanks to the RingCentral for Salesforce integration.
“Connecting RingCentral into our Salesforce environment is going to add so much value for our company — including added speed and efficiencies for agents, who will be able to dial directly from their Salesforce interface and to instantly see a prospect or customer’s details when they call. This integration will also give our sales managers more visibility than ever into our agents’ performance, because we’ll be tracking and reporting on that data through RingCentral.”

Improving the client experience

One of the biggest advantages Raul sees in MMC’s move to RingCentral is the ability to create a better experience for clients, a foundational principle for the company over the last 40 years.
“What sets us apart from the larger competitors is our white glove service delivery. We care about our customers’ experience and go that extra mile to ensure the highest service delivery possible. This means being accessible to clients when they have questions, concerns, or require assistance. With RingCentral, we are now able to seamlessly communicate with clients from anywhere using our office phone, mobile, or PC.”

Saving money on business communications

Finally, Raul points out, even with all the functionality improvements MMC is enjoying as a result of the migration to RingCentral, the company is actually saving money on its overall telecom costs.
Migrating to RingCentral turned out to be a cost-cutting move. RingCentral provided new VoIP phones at no cost, which saved us substantially because we had planned on a big expense to buy phones. The ongoing cost for RingCentral is 20% lower than the fees for our Mitel system. And this doesn’t even take into account what we’re saving by eliminating other licenses — for video conferencing and faxing, for example — because it’s all included with RingCentral.

Raul Terrazas

Manager of Information Technology

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