All-inclusive cloud business communications for retail and restaurant industries

Retailers and restaurants rely on the RingCentral cloud business communications
platform to provide consistently outstanding modern customer experiences.


As a experienced retail or restaurant business professional, you understand that being on the leading edge of market trends is a pivotal factor in creating memorable experiences for your customers and setting you apart from the competition. To stay ahead, you need a business phone system that supports all the modern ways you want to communicate with customers—such as web meetings and text messages—while being easy to manage across multiple locations.

RingCentral brings modern communication to the retail and restaurant industries

Designed for your business

RingCentral’s cloud business communications frees your workforce from the confines of the traditional office, enabling productivity wherever and whenever.

Robust call routing

RingCentral’s robust call routing and handling rules ensure you can deliver remarkable customer service with confidence. Responsive call routing sends calls directly to any desired department or person, even to multiple locations. Flexible rules enable customers to reach the right person every time—day or night or even on holidays—so they always feel appreciated.

Get robust call routing for your retail or restaurant business

Business texting

SMS text messaging is everyone’s favorite modern approach to conversations. Delight your customers by sending text messages to confirm reservations, answer inventory questions, announce flash sales, or let them them know their tables are ready. Text messaging is available for every user account, so your entire staff can be responsive.

Get business texting from RingCentral

Truly mobile-ready

The RingCentral Mobile App enables you to work productively from your tablet or smartphone. Easily access your business contacts, make calls, send texts, receive faxes, join conference calls, share files, check voicemail, and start web meetings. Plus, RingCentral is BYOD-optimized so you can use your personal device without compromising your professional identity.

RingCentral is a truly mobile-ready cloud phone system for retail and restaurant businesses

Powerful reporting

Powerful and intuitive reporting helps you keep an eye on operating margins and marketing trends. Easily analyze your inbound/outbound call activity, or identify customer call patterns based on responses to advertising campaigns with reports you can view online anytime.

Get powerful reporting capabilities for your retail or restaurant business

Customer insights

"After we got RingCentral, we were able to balance the phone calls among our employees so someone almost always answered. We immediately doubled our phone sales. In addition, the ability to transfer calls from anywhere to anyone has tripled our efficiency.”

—Matthew Strong, Owner and Founder, Matthew Allen Weddings and Events