Global IT service provider phoenixNAP sees $100,000+ savings per year after switching to RingCentral
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I’ve run the numbers. Over the term of our RingCentral contract, we’ll save about $180,000 just due to the lower cost of RingCentral’s solution itself. And when you add in the savings on usage fees that we were paying to our previous provider, we’ll lower our overall telephony expenses by $320,000.

Danny Fuentes

Vice President of Information Systems

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Discovering not all cloud communications solutions are created equal

After years of supporting their operations with an on-prem telephony system, phoenixNAP’s management team decided several years ago that the company’s growth and expanding geographic footprint warranted a more modern, cloud phone solution.
But Danny Fuentes, phoenixNAP’s Vice President of Information Systems, explains that the company’s experience with a previous cloud phone platform created more challenges than it solved.
“For a while, our first cloud telephony platform worked well. But then we started seeing problems. The admin system was very complicated, and the vendor’s suggestion was that we get someone on our staff certified to manage it. That was going to consume a lot of time and resources. Also, the system had a lot of reliability issues—for example, the video conference app crashed regularly—and we always had trouble getting support on the phone.”
Another drawback of the system, Danny adds, was its high, unpredictable cost. “The vendor took an ad hoc approach to their licensing, so we had to decide in advance what to purchase for every user. Sometimes we overpaid for services employees didn’t need; other times we found an employee needed more than we’d bought, so we had to upgrade those licenses. It got very expensive and became essentially impossible to plan for our telephony budget.”

RingCentral delivers game-changing operational improvements

When they rolled out RingCentral’s unified communications platform for phoenixNAP’s global staff, and RingCentral Contact Center for the company’s customer support and sales departments, Danny’s team was able to quickly begin solving the operational challenges their previous phone system couldn’t.
“One big benefit we began seeing right away was RingCentral’s reliability,” Danny explains. “As a global company that promises 24/7/365 customer support by phone, it’s great to have a solution we know will work, all the time, whether we’re directing a caller to our US-based support agents or to a customer service team in our Serbia offices.”
Danny also cites the necessity of system reliability when it comes to the company’s video conferencing needs. As he explains:
In the early days of the pandemic, our sales reps were dependent on video meetings to connect with prospects, but our old system kept crashing. Since we’ve rolled out RingCentral Video, we’ve had hundreds of meetings using the app—and we’ve never had any problems.

Danny Fuentes

Vice President of Information Systems

Increasing customer support visibility with RingCentral Contact Center

phoenixNAP has earned its reputation as a trusted IaaS provider by consistently meeting extremely high standards in customer service, including a guarantee of 100% network uptime. As Danny points out, the company’s customer support operation is a key component of the promise phoenixNAP makes to every customer. That’s why, he explains, another advantage of RingCentral Contact Center is the system’s detailed analytics and easy-to-pull reports.
“Our customer support managers—both here in the US and in our Serbia location—need to know their agents are available and answering customer calls quickly. Being able to view that data so easily in the RingCentral dashboard is helping those managers get a clear picture of what’s going on, how we’ll we’re doing from a customer service standpoint, and where the department might need them to jump in and help.”

Improving sales and marketing efforts with a key RingCentral integration

Yet another way phoenixNAP is leveraging its new cloud communications solution to improve operations is with an integration Danny’s team found in the RingCentral App Gallery.
Using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration for RingCentral, phoenixNAP’s sales team is streamlining its workflows, improving reps’ efficiency, and generating valuable data to share with the company’s marketing teams.
Because our reps have the RingCentral click-to-dial widget in their Microsoft Dynamics interface, they can make sales calls without leaving the prospect’s profile page. That’s great from an efficiency standpoint. But the real value of the integration is that RingCentral automatically logs these calls, which our sales and marketing teams use as analytics to learn how many calls reps are making and to track these opportunities.

Danny Fuentes

Vice President of Information Systems

Saving a small fortune on telecommunications costs

Finally, Danny notes, another significant benefit of phoenixNAP’s migration to RingCentral is cost savings.
Saving money wasn’t the first or even second priority on our list when we decided to switch cloud telephony solutions. The previous solution was trouble-prone, consumed too many internal resources to manage, and just wasn’t reliable enough to support our global staff. So we feel very fortunate that RingCentral not only solved those issues but is also saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Danny Fuentes

Vice President of Information Systems