RingCentral Makes Virtual Professionals Feel Not So Virtual, Fueling the Company’s Growth
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We're highly collaborative, and RingCentral Video lets us share information and knowledge in a way that makes everyone smarter and more responsive to customer needs.

Adelaide Gale

Director, Client Success Team, MOD
After starting out in 2008 with 30 virtual professionals (VPs), MyOutDesk has grown to a company of 1,100 VPs serving more than 1,000 real estate agents and brokers across the US. Most of the company’s VPs (95%) are located in the Philippines. They handle a range of real-estate-specific jobs, such as managing MLS listings, short-sale processing, filling out forms, calling prospects, and so on.

Communication is key to customer engagement

MyOutDesk’s management is well aware of the importance of communication between the real estate agents and their VPs. “Communication is how we sustain our relationships with our clients,” says Adelaide Gale, Director of the Client Success team at MyOutDesk. “It’s what makes us special—face-to-face, consistent communication.”
The company’s original VoIP system didn’t have the level of call quality, nor was it reliable enough, to support consistent communication between the Philippines and the US. MyOutDesk initially brought in RingCentral as a backup. “It turned out that our backup solution outperformed our original VoIP, so now we use RingCentral,” Gale says.
RingCentral gives MyOutDesk outstanding line clarity for both inbound and outbound calls, along with a US number for calls from the Philippines to the US that gives these calls a local appearance. With RingCentral, the company also gets analytics for measuring what’s happening in the business, which helps them continually increase customer satisfaction.
“We’re all on RingCentral,” adds Julie Galido, Senior Operations Manager, IT & Special Projects at MyOutDesk. “It’s our official communications tool, and we use it for everything.”

Face-to-face onboarding is another way to boost customer engagement

By “everything,” Galido is referring to communications both in house and with clients and to other forms of communications besides just VoIP. The company uses RingEX™, for example, for video conferencing and screen sharing among colleagues across the globe, as well as for onboarding new clients.
“We may only see our management in person one or two times a year,” explains Gale, who is located in the Philippines. “But we are video conferencing with them frequently. Even while traveling, I can easily connect to any meeting from my smartphone. It gives it a more human touch, and I get more done.”
Galido sees the same benefit with new clients who interview prospective VPs via a video conference and later for a “meet and greet” with the person they selected. “The online meeting is a great help because the client can visualize their VP,” she explains. “There is a face with the name.”
MyOutDesk also uses RingCentral Video team collaboration software to allow their VPs to work as a team and to make sure those with special expertise are immediately reachable. “We’re highly collaborative, and RingCentral Video lets us share information and knowledge in a way that makes everyone smarter and more responsive to customer needs,” Galido explains.
Compared to when we had multiple vendors for phone, meetings, and chats, we are saving 30% to 40%. Not even to mention the savings from employee efficiency.

Julie Galido

Operations Manager, IT & Special Projects, MOD
Professional Services
Sacramento, CA
1,100 virtual professionals 1,000+ clients

RingCentral saves money and makes IT more productive

The fact that RingCentral delivers such a broad range of collaboration functionality in a single solution is saving the company money. Says Galido, “Compared to when we had multiple vendors for phone, meetings, and chats, we are saving 30% to 40%. Not even to mention the savings from employee efficiency.”
RingCentral benefits the IT department directly in the form of enhanced productivity. Deployment and setup are simple, and it easily fits into the existing workflow. It also allows IT to a better job of supporting the VPs. “Support staff can use screen sharing with RingEX to assist people with their technical issues,” Galido explains. “That cuts down on the time required and really helps their productivity.”

A call center solution that supports business expansion

A robust call center solution is another key element of MyOutDesk’s success. The company chose RingCentral Contact Center in part because, like the other RingCentral solutions, it has little or no dependence on IT. Users can run their own communications, freeing IT to focus on the strategic tasks that differentiate MyOutDesk.
Contact Center has been instrumental in helping MyOutDesk grow. Typically, the company’s larger customers are assigned dedicated VPs. To expand its market to include smaller real estate businesses, MyOutDesk needed a call center solution that would support VP sharing across multiple customers and one that would allow it to use VPs based on any of the 7,000 islands that make up the Philippines.
Contact Center’s smart routing enables the shared resource model. Every customer call, whether it’s from a larger customer or a smaller one, is directed to the right resource every time. Also, the integration of Contact Center with RingCentral Video ensures that if a shared VP needs assistance from someone else internally, the assistance is accessible while the caller is still on the phone. “Contact Center opened a new chapter in our business,” says Galido. “It is allowing us to serve smaller customers in ways that were not possible with earlier technology.”
For MyOutDesk, whose business lives or dies on the strength of its ability to communicate halfway around the globe, RingCentral has become an indispensable asset.

Dream jobs in dream locations

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