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For the Industry’s Fastest-Growing Mid-Sized Job Placement Firm, the Search for the Right Phone System is Over
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I wouldn’t even call RingCentral a phone system. It’s our communications genie.

Nomer Yamat

Vice President of IT, ZRG Partners

One of the biggest challenges facing business around the world is finding the perfect executive-level candidates. But not for clients of the global search firm ZRG Partners.

Why do the corporations that engage with ZRG Partners have such success placing the ideal candidates in the right positions, while so many other companies discover soon after that their new hires are not working out as anticipated? A few reasons.

First, whereas most of their competitors engage in educated guesses when proposing candidates to clients, ZRG brings data—lots of it. In fact, ZRG has developed its own data-analytics software called the Zi Platform. Zi gives clients clear metrics for making more intelligent hiring decisions: everything from interview scoring, to compensation dynamics, to a culture-fit score between a candidate and the client’s corporate culture.

A second attribute that sets ZRG apart in the executive search industry: The company operates as a single, cohesive business, not a group of autonomous divisions around the world. All of ZRG’s hundreds of employees—in offices across the US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia—collaborate to help each other and their clients worldwide. This gives clients the full support, resources, and strategic thinking of an entire global search firm—not just a few reps assigned to their account.

Finally—and this is a true rarity in the executive search industry—ZRG’s managing directors themselves work every day to find talent, work closely with those candidates, and then place them in the right roles.
But to execute on all of these competitive advantages, ZRG needed a communications platform that brought its entire global organization together and made collaboration easy, even from half a world away.
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A collaborative organization needs 1 communications platform—not 20

As ZRG grew, both organically and through acquisitions, the company found itself adding locations around the world, each with a different phone system. This made it difficult for internal teams in different offices to collaborate—and a highly collaborative organization was essential to ZRG’s operations and its value proposition to clients.
“If an employee in another location had a phone issue, the problem could literally have been anything, because every setup was unique,” recalls Nomer Yamat, ZRG’s Vice President of IT, who would have to ask: “What device are they using? Who’s the provider for that office? How’s phone service in that location generally? Does the region have broader connectivity problems?”
Lack of a cohesive phone system company wide also made it challenging to onboard new employees and get them up and running from a communications standpoint. To complicate matters even further, many of these new-hire scenarios were different. Some employees would be joining an existing ZRG corporate office, others working from home, and the requirements would vary depending on the geographic region where these people were located.
There was another problem with ZRG’s disjointed communications infrastructure. To bring its newly acquired offices under the ZRG corporate umbrella, the company often had to change employees’ business phone numbers to whatever local telecom provider ZRG was working with in that area.

This created friction between ZRG and its newly acquired team. It also slowed productivity, because the employees would need to introduce their entire professional networks to a new phone number.
Changing recruiters’ phone numbers to the ZRG system was the toughest part of an acquisition. Who wants to give up the business identity they’d spent years building? With RingCentral, we don’t have to do that anymore.

Nomer Yamat

Vice President of IT, ZRG Partners

200 employees worldwide… 1 unified communications solution

When Nomer and his IT team rolled out the all-in-one cloud solution from RingCentral, the reliability and support issues the company had with its previous systems disappeared. “From a troubleshooting perspective, they really don’t need me anymore,” he says.
Now the company’s employees have not just a phone system but a range of communication tools they can use anywhere: desk phone, computer, even their personal smartphone. ZRG recruiters and other employees can use the RingCentral app for business calls, SMS texts, audio conferencing, video conferencing, and even team chats with file sharing.

From a communications standpoint, onboarding newly acquired businesses and individual employees is also a faster and smoother process than ever—no longer even requiring changing these employees’ phone numbers.
“Because RingCentral is so good at porting numbers, I say to new employees, ‘Don’t worry—you can keep your business number.’ That’s such a relief to recruiters joining the company.” Now ZRG is in a better position than ever to do what this company does best: Serve its clients and continue to grow. As Nomer points out: “Even our CEO has said more than once that we’re confident we can open up shop anywhere in the world—because we know that from a communications and accessibility standpoint, we’ll have no trouble bringing that location and those people into the ZRG fold.”