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EZ Surety Bonds

EZ Surety Bonds

RingCentral Office and Glip Speed Bond Underwriting and Boost Sales

Fast turnaround on underwriting is an engine of growth for EZ Surety Bonds. Keeping the process moving requires tight communication and collaboration, powered by RingCentral Office and Glip.

Through the EZ Surety Bonds website, any business or professional can instantly purchase any of several common license and permit bonds and download an electronic copy.

“We’re the only site where if you click on a bond right now, and put your information in and put your credit card, you will have that bond instantly,” says founder and CEO, Lamon Warnock. The entire process takes about six minutes, he says. “There is no other site in the nation where that happens.”

Higher risk, higher value bonds require manual underwriting, but Warnock strives for efficiency. Where competitors take two or three days to respond to a request, he gets back to customers with a price within the hour. That is where RingCentral Office and Glip have proven valuable.

Why communication is essential“One of key components of making it work is the ability to communicate effectively with employees,” Warnock says. That means tight coordination across his team, including remote workers or employees checking in from their phones. Since 2014, when he relaunched his insurance with this exclusive focus, the staff has grown from two to ten employees. Business has doubled over the past year, into the millions of dollars in written surety premiums.

The EZ Surety Bonds website uses aggressive search engine optimization to drive traffic to pages for specific bond types, like “Bristol Sidewalk Bond” or “Wisconsin Notary Bond,” and guide visitors straight to the order form.

For example, a janitorial service in Missouri can get instant approval on a bond for up to $25,000. Janitorial bonds of up to $1 million are also available, but require additional underwriting. In practical terms, that means Warnock personally reviews the application for the bond, which insures against the risk of an employee stealing. 

Warnock initially subscribed to RingCentral Office for its cloud-based phone service. That became doubly important when he began adding remote workers. “We can transfer a call to South Georgia, and the client never knows we’re not all in the same office,” he says.

RingCentral Glip magnified the advantage, allowing employees to exchange a steady stream of communications that don’t require a phone call but are too immediate for email. Glip is a team messaging and productivity platform, included with RingCentral Office.

Making the business responsive“The problem we find with email is there is a delay—and often nobody notices,” Warnock says. “With Glip, you hear the ding and that tells you, hey, you’ve got something to check out, which you need to look at right away. It allows us to run faster.”

Team messaging is valuable across the business for keeping processes moving. In addition, Glip Tasks are particularly valuable for the underwriting process, Warnock says. “A lot of what we’re doing is exchanging the status of an application. An agent can use Glip to assign a task saying this bond is ready for my review.” If Warnock needs the agent to collect additional information, he may assign a task back to them, along with a message detailing what needs to be done. The benefit is transparency: The team always knows where an application is in the process and what work must be done to complete it.

Glip “really allows us to have that one-hour window, which is unique,” Warnock says. The faster his organization responds, the more likely it is to win the business, he says.

“It’s all about efficiency for us—being able to complete more tasks faster, particularly underwriting tasks,” he adds. “That translates into time, and time translates into money.”

Company profile

EZ Surety Bonds provides instant approval of most commercial surety bonds, ensuring compliance with local and state regulations, while those that require additional underwriting are typically processed within an hour.

Year founded: 1999


Oakwood, Georgia

Branch office:
Tarrytown, GA

Size: 10 employees


“The problem we find with email is there is a delay—and often nobody notices. With Glip, you hear the ding and that tells you, hey, you’ve got something to check out, which you need to look at right away. It allows us to run faster.” 

—Lamon Warnock, Founder and CEO, EZ Surety Bonds