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How a Massage Envy Franchise with Multiple Locations Now Communicates More Easily Than Ever Thanks to the RingCentral App
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The RingCentral app has been a game changer for us when it comes to efficiently communicating with all of our employees. It helps us make sure nothing important slips through the cracks, and even lets us have some fun.

Danielle Badger

Sales Manager, Massage Envy

Communication became difficult with 100 busy employees using different messaging tools and working in different locations

People go to Massage Envy to feel their best. The nationwide wellness franchise has earned this reputation—and its 1.5 million members across the United States—by consistently providing outstanding massages and skincare services from top-quality therapists and estheticians in the company’s 1,200 franchised locations. 
But for one franchise in Jacksonville, Florida, communicating, coordinating, and creating a sense of team cohesion was becoming difficult with so many busy employees working on different teams, using different communication tools, and working in different locations. Ironically, a company dedicated to relieving stress was itself becoming stressed at not being able to efficiently keep its teams connected.
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Jacksonville, FL

A unified online workspace for team messaging and collaboration

Before they set up the RingCentral app, this Massage Envy franchise communicated the way many businesses do today—using a combination of emails, text messages, and phone calls. The process wasn’t centralized, and it wasn’t always clear if an employee had actually read or even received an important message. “But now we’re all connecting through the RingCentral app online—and everyone likes it because they can access it anywhere, even on their phones,” said Danielle Badger, the franchise’s Sales Manager.
The RingCentral app has made it easier than ever for the company to connect all of its 100+ employees. Using their different RingCentral teams (chat groups set up for specific employees, projects, or themes), everyone can direct their communications to just the right people. And as Badger points out, the company is finding all sorts of creative ways to benefit from their RingCentral service.
“We use the app to let our employees at both locations know about everything that’s going on, from important promotions, to updates we need them to know about, and even company potlucks,” Badger said. “Our therapists and estheticians have also found great uses for the RingCentral app like asking coworkers for shift coverage or messaging management directly if they have questions. It even helps us motivate each other and share team successes.”
We’ve created several teams on the RingCentral app—such as ‘Therapists,’ ‘Front Desk,’ ‘Management,’ and ‘All Employees.’ This is great because it means we can share info with just the right audiences.

Danielle Badger

Sales Manager, Massage Envy

Improved communication, greater teamwork, and lots of fun!

One of the first things Badger noticed when the company started using the RingCentral app to communicate was that “Our teams at the two locations were able to connect and integrate a bit more.” That sense of teamwork matters in a business like this, where employee morale and positivity are key to delivering outstanding customer experiences. Which is why the next thing Badger noticed also put a smile on her face: “People also have lots of fun using the RingCentral app to send funny or inspiring little animated images to each other. It’s a great way to cheer on your teammates and keep everyone’s spirits high.”
Now that all of the company’s 100+ employees are using the app, “We’re enjoying more successful and efficient communication between all levels of employees,” said Badger. “When you have such a culturally diverse staff and employees of all age ranges, that can be a difficult task to achieve!”

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