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Easily create a call menu that directs callers automatically to the right service or department.
Customize call menus through an easy-to-understand, drag-and-drop interface.
Enable automatic recordings for one or many users.
Transfer calls from one device (mobile) to another (desktop) effortlessly.
Login and send SMS & MMS in seconds. Switch between desktop and cell phone anytime to pick up where you left off.
Preview your voicemail messages in text when you can't listen to voicemails.
Plug in a headset or use your computer’s speakers and microphone to turn any computer into a softphone and call controller.
Make announcements from your desk phone, desktop, or mobile.
Make voice calls directly from within any app by highlighting any number on your computer and click RingOut to dial.
Get email and SMS notifications of voicemail transcriptions, received faxes, missed calls, fax transmission results, etc.
Allows employees to access their own extensions, profiles, voicemail, and other cloud-based phone system features during remote work or while sitting at desks working in different offices.
From your desk phone, you can see who’s available, on do not disturb, already on a call, holding, or has a call ringing.
View up to 100 user extensions' real-time presence status on desktop or mobile.
Transfer or create new dedicated 800 or vanity numbers for different marketing and business needs.
Select local telephone numbers in any location and establish yourself as a local business.
Route calls to your local numbers anywhere, worldwide, using robust answering rules.
Choose through hundreds of state-of-the-art voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phones or bring your current devices in our BYOD program.
Caller ID information is displayed for all incoming calls on all devices.
Simple-to-set-up audio collaboration for three or more parties, no bridges or special equipment needed, and no minutes restrictions.
Native dialing and voicemail mean no extra software to disrupt normal workflows.
Just like automatic replies on emails, the user can also schedule a time period when the incoming calls should be forwarded.
Share calls and lines among traditional phone systems, and pick up an incoming call on any phone.
Park up to 50 calls simultaneously, both inbound calls and outbound calls.
Forward calls to any extension, phone number, group, or department simultaneously or sequentially.
Caller ID displays before the incoming call ever connects, giving you some reference to decide how you want to respond to the call.
Assign up to 10 assistants to an executive or up to 10 executives to an assistant.
Use extensions to play announcements, eliminating the need to answer the telephone system for commonly requested information, such as hours of operation.
Delegates can call on behalf, hold, pick up within the group, share a line, and join calls.
Enable secure and clear voice communication over the cloud, enhancing employee- or company-owned smartphones and tablets with walkie-talkie.
Streamline your followup with access to text, fax, and voicemail — all in one place.
Remove all unwanted background noise automatically from your business calls.


Send and receive texts across all your devices, including VoIP phone systems, smartphones, tablets, and PC.
Automate processes and accelerate revenue when you integrate RingCentral SMS capabilities into your CRM, scheduling, marketing, and other business tools.
SMS outreach from your business number to maintain professional and secure communications.
Use powerful search capability to search through text trails by looking up keywords.
Send and receive images, audio files, videos, emojis, and other file attachments.
Send a text message to multiple people, either separately or as a group text.
Create automatic replies to inbound SMS’ for after hours, when you’re on vacation, or to respond to commonly asked questions.
Designed to help improve deliverability, stay carrier compliant and deter some of the new fees now associated with business SMS.


Send a fax directly from your email account.
Send a fax just as you would print a document.
Automatically attach a scanned document to the RingCentral app from your scanner or a multi-function printer and send it as an eFax.
Customize fax cover pages or choose from existing templates to send faxes online through the app.
Select a printer in the RingCentral app and print all incoming faxes automatically.
Block numbers that start with a specific area code, start with 1-800, or are identified as spam numbers.
Choose a date and time to send out your fax.
Receive instant fax alerts by the RingCentral app, SMS, or email.
Send eFaxes to up to 50 recipients at a time or enable Fax Broadcasting in case you need to send more.

Push to talk

Voice messages play automatically in real-time on locked and unlocked devices.
Multi-channel participation
Toggle between channels or choose your default channel to connect immediately to your team.
Presence status
Check who is online or offline at the click of a button.
Group communication
Create channels with up to 200 people.
Device interoperability
Compatible with iOS, Android and multi-modal devices with no special installation needed.
Secure management
Prevent data leakage and compromised devices in the field with integrated Microsoft inTune.
Admin management
Add or remove users, create or manage channels on all corporate devices instantly to ensure secure access.

Team Messaging

Document information you’d like to refer back to later. Add notes directly into direct messages, groups, and teams.
Attach files like documents, images, or videos to a message from your computer or cloud storage services.
Image pins and comments
Save an important message for yourself and your team members or leave comments right on a file.
Categorize your conversations based on names and colors.
Connect your Microsoft, Google, or device calendar to your RingCentral app to schedule, view, and join upcoming meetings right in the app.
Create tasks for yourself or other people. Add them to a direct message, group, or team conversation.
Reorder the tabs in the left navigation bar on the RingCentral app to get quick access to your favorite advanced features.
Bring your everyday business apps into the RingCentral app.
In-app Resource Center for onboarding, feature discovery, help, support, and feedback.


Flip from mobile to desktop and back again with one tap, without ever leaving your meeting.
Join video meetings  straight from web browsers—all with the exact same look and feel.
Host ongoing meetings that allow colleagues to come and go as they please — kind of like a virtual team room.
Bring teams together for exciting collaborative sessions with a digital whiteboard that makes room for everyone’s ideas.
Keep a record of who-said-what with automatic voice transcription, complete with speaker identification.
Easily split up a larger meeting into smaller groups for effective brainstorming sessions.
Capture notes during your video meetings, and share them in recordings or team chats.
Add another layer of security to video conferencing sessions  when needed — with the ability to dynamically turn on or off with a click of a button.
Remotely control another participant’s mouse, touchpad, and keyboard while screen sharing.
Share a live back camera view from your mobile device during a meeting.


Move your meeting from your mobile device to a nearby room, with just one click.
Pair and control room settings directly with your mobile phone.
Say “Hi RingCentral, join meeting” to the room controller to start a scheduled meeting.
Share content wirelessly from your desktop computer directly to the room.
Use your Rooms system to place phone calls, using the room controller as a touch display (requires Rooms Phone Line license).
Directly join other 3rd party meetings (such as Zoom and Webex video meetings) from the room.


Pre-configure or create polls on the fly to better engage with and understand attendees.
Engage directly with attendees by answering questions through the Q&A tab.
Attendees can join from the RingCentral desktop/mobile apps, Rooms, or even from their favorite browser.
Hosts can prepare backstage before a webinar and after a webinar is over to debrief.
Set up and configure all of your webinar settings, directly from the RingCentral app.
Hosts can view engagement metrics via the host panel, and admins can view quality of service data of the webinar.
Add company branding and colors with simple drag-and-drop functionality.
Customize and send automated reminder and follow-up emails to registrants and attendees.
Integrate and sync webinar data with your marketing automation platforms, such as Marketo.

AI features

Keep a record of who-said-what with automatic voice transcription, complete with speaker identification, in your phone* and video calls.
Phone live transcription is now in beta.
Catch up quickly with recordings that include meeting summaries, topics and keywords, video highlight reels, keywords, and transcripts.
Remove all unwanted background noise automatically from your video meetings or business calls.
Provide concise and easy to understand AI-generated synopsis of calls.
Coming in Q3, 2023.
See AI-generated key phrases, next steps, and follow-up items.
Coming in Q3, 2023.
Detect the emotional tone of a phone conversation.
Coming in Q3, 2023.
Industry-leading proprietary AI/ML, industry tracebacks, and the STIR/SHAKEN framework to stop fraudulent robocalls and spam attacks from reaching your employee phones.


Comprehensive and flexible call analytics designed to help you make confident business decisions, every time.
Real-time, at-a-glance views of your global system’s health with interactive analysis that cover your network, endpoints, devices, and rooms.
Monitor queue and agent performance through fully customizable, real-time dashboards with Live Reports.
Get the most out of your investment with detailed, user-level usage metrics across your entire platform.
Integrate analytics into critical systems with developer access to your communications data.


Secure identity management with any identity provider (IdP) that supports SAML 2.0, such as Okta, OneLogin, Microsoft, Google, and more.
Industry-leading proprietary AI/ML, industry tracebacks, and the STIR/SHAKEN framework to stop fraudulent robocalls and spam attacks from reaching your employee phones.
Fully compliant with RAY BAUM’s Act and Kari’s Law to keep your employees safe with enhanced nomadic location awareness.
Call encryption prevents eavesdropping on all RingCentral endpoints, such as desk phones, the desktop app, and the mobile app.
RingCentral delivers less than 6 minutes of downtime every year, making good on our reliability promises and maintaining the highest uptime among industry leaders.
Block calls and faxes with no caller ID, and allow or block numbers that start with a specific area code — plus more advanced phone service options.
Turn on end-to-end encryption with a push of a button to protect your video meeting data for the entire journey between endpoints or meeting participants.
With our RingCentral for Microsoft Intune (iOS, Android) integration we make it easy for IT to monitor and enforce security policies across company-owned and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments.
Make outbound business calls using your personal number, but mask it with your RingCentral number to maintain confidentiality.


Maximize uptime, call quality, flexibility, scalability, and safeguard your data.
Extend Auto-Receptionist capabilities with connections to the Dial-By-Name Directory, system extensions, voicemail, or even external business phone numbers.
Users and departments can customize their extensions with their choice of music, messages, and voicemail greetings.
Choose hold music and messages to play based on time, day, and caller ID information.
Staff can be reached anywhere, on any of their devices when callers find them in your dial-by-name directory.
Enables customer service through intelligent call routing to the right resources, in an organized and prioritized way.
Get your company details published in National Local Directory Assistance and show up as a local listing when people in your area search directories in your business category.
Share distribution of incoming calls among employees so customers get serviced quicker.
Transfer your US/CA phone numbers in just a few clicks via the desktop app. We port most toll-free, wireless, and landline phone numbers in the US. For the complete porting process, click here.
Custom call handling rules and localized management per site.
Activate and set up your RingCentral account (i.e. complete profile and manage incoming calls) with a full onboarding experience on the mobile app.
Managers can listen in from any device. Hearing first-hand how sales and customer support teams relate to customers, leads, and clients is a valuable resource for evaluation and training.
Forecast costs and track productivity, search and sort call logs quickly.
Access change logs for office phone system, user, and RingCentral app admin settings.
Your business can establish a private, dedicated connection to the RingCentral cloud to improve control over your communications network.
Define your business phone system configurations once and apply them as frequently as you want to whole groups of users.
Bulk upload users through more intuitive UI, additional columns for bulk information import, better error handling and feedback mechanisms for admins.
When creating users, save time and effort by associating new users with roles from the start.
Create codes for groups of users, departments or locations. Each transaction activity can be assigned to a specific group for better budget control.
Display specified company name whenever an outbound call is made using RingCentral local phone numbers.
Native PSTN in 45+ countries, local phone numbers in 105+ countries, UI in 18 languages.
Maintaining existing carrier contracts, numbers, and rates for less friction during migration.
Interconnect your on-premises PBX system with RingCentral and transition in a phased approach.
Get state-of-the-art hardware integrated with the latest RingCentral software, all for one monthly fee.


Just download, install and go! We’ve built integrations into all the popular business apps.
We’ve got the largest set of communication APIs on the market. Everyone can become a developer on RingEX.
Speech to text, audio summarization and emotion analysis AI APIs at your disposal. Embed our video into your apps with Video SDKs.
A Chrome extension to turn your Google account into a powerful business communications hub.
Embed RingCentral’s powerful communications capabilities into your CRM.
Seamlessly integrate with your preferred cloud storage service provider to easily backup your communications data.
The Scheduler Outlook Add-in allows you to schedule video meetings in a single click directly within Outlook.
Simplify communication within Gmail and Google Calendar with the Google Workspace Add-on.
Bring RingCentral’s market-leading telephony into Microsoft Teams — no Teams phone or E5 license needed.
Discover the add-ins that enhance your team messaging experience and help you get more work done without leaving the app.
Increase operator productivity and call handling with this powerful attendant console.
Archive and supervise communications across voice, contact center, SMS/text messaging, and instant messaging.