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RingCentral App Easy and fast account access from anywhere.
RingCentral App Easy and fast account access from anywhere.
Get the leading all-in-one solution or just what you need.
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Get the leading all-in-one solution or just what you need.
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Synergy Companies Replaces Outdated Phone Systems Across Multiple Officeswith RingCentral.
Needed a phone solution that would work easily on day one, scale easily later.
Cloud-based RingCentral enabled easy office expansion and frictionless growth.
Continuing to benefit from RingCentral’s ease of use and cost-effectiveness.
Company profile
Company profile:
Synergy Companies partners with local utilities to implement energy saving portfolios.
Year founded:
Hayward, CA

An enthusiastic group of people of various backgrounds came together in 1981 to form Synergy Companies. They began by installing insulation and providing energy efficiency services to homeowners in California. This pioneering group of bright-minded and environmentally conscious

people went door-to-door, working with homeowners, apartment managers and business owners to become energy-efficient and environmentally proactive. Today, Synergy Companies has more than 350 employees and six offices throughout Northern and Southern California.

Replacing Outdated, Expensive Phone Systems with One Integrated Cloud Solution

Prior to RingCentral, Synergy Companies had a mixed bag of phone systems for each of its six offices. These systems ranged from an old, on-premise Mitel PBX to a knob and tooth phone system from Verizon. “All of these systems were outdated and expensive,” said Matt Clark, director of marketing for Synergy Companies. “And they didn’t work together so you’d have to call separate numbers to reach different offices instead of simply dialing an extension.” According to Clark, the Mitel PBX "has a lot of features but we were not using most of them.” The company also had 13 users on the Verizon system but it was expensive to scale as Synergy Companies grew.

In 2011, Synergy decided to look to a cloud communications solution and chose RingCentral. The company saw increased value with RingCentral because it offered the features that Synergy needed, the ability to integrate multiple locations and the power to scale as it grew -- all at a more affordable price than its previous systems. “As we grow, we just call RingCentral to order a desk phone. They overnight it to us and we simply plug it in wherever we need it,”Clark added.

Improves Customer Service, International Calling

Since adopting RingCentral, Synergy has improved its customer service. With the cloud solution, the company can set up and schedule groups so that a customer call will not go unanswered. “Now we can forward calls from rep to rep until someone picks up and serves the customer. With our old system, customers had to stay on hold for a long time or their message went to voicemail. It really depended on the skill of the person at the front desk to manage and route customer calls. Now, the

RingCentral system manages it for us so all customers get the same great experience," explained Clark. 

Both the RingCentral softphone and mobile app are useful for Synergy’s international business. “With the softphone, our salespeople can connect with customers in Latin America via broadband without paying high international calling fees,” added Clark. “I also like to use the mobile app to call via Wi-Fi when I travel internationally.” 

Offers Greater Value Without Compromising Call Quality, Reliability

Before RingCentral, Synergy Companies paid about $40 per user, on average, including overhead and maintenance. “Now we pay nearly half that per user,” said Clark. “With RingCentral, we’ve added a lot more

users than we had before, but our telecommunication costs are less than with the old systems. And we get the same great call quality and reliability of our old system – but with a greater value.”

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