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Unlocking 50% More Bookings: How Saving Lives Society Transformed Their Customer Service with RingCentral’s SMS Automation
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increase in customer sessions booked since implementation of RingCentral’s SMS automator


reduction in time spent manually answering customers’ questions submitted by text
Using RingCentral’s SMS text automations means we can respond to most of the typical customer questions we receive throughout the day – like how to sign up for a training session – in just a few seconds, with helpful answers. That has made a huge improvement both for our customer experience and for our business’s bottom line.

Dan Alexander

Owner and Instructor

Teaching emergency health and safety with cutting edge communications in Nevada

For over a decade, Saving Lives Society has been dedicated to empowering both healthcare workers and the general public with the knowledge and skills needed to respond to life-threatening situations.
This Nevada-based organization prides itself on delivering expert training for a diverse range of emergencies. However, with growing recognition came the challenge of managing an increasing influx of inquiries, most of which needed manual responses, putting a significant strain on their small yet dedicated team.
Saving Lives Society’s instructors and curriculum have earned such strong reputations over the years, in fact, that the company’s small team eventually found itself overwhelmed by the number of inquiries from prospective students – each of which they had to answer manually.
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A Modern Challenge: Tackling High Volumes of SMS Inquiries

As Dan Alexander, the owner and instructor of Saving Lives Society, articulates, phone communications were gradually eclipsed by SMS inquiries. He noticed a shift in customer preference towards text messages, with almost 90% of all communications arriving via this medium.
“We found years ago that most of our customers and prospects wanted to connect with us by text message, and eventually that’s how 90% of our communications were coming in. Nobody wants to sit on hold for a customer service rep or to leave a voicemail and wait for a response. And we don’t want our customers to have that experience, either, because they could be long gone by the time we respond to that call.”
Although Dan’s team was happy to engage with new and existing customers over text, as the public’s interest in the Saving Lives Society steadily grew, managing the large numbers of inquiries became an ongoing challenge for the whole company.
“Our team was spending something like eight hours every day either typing or copying and pasting answers to the same texted questions – ‘What are your hours?’ ‘How do I sign up for a training session?’
In search of a solution, the Saving Lives Society team looked for a phone system with robust SMS automation capabilities. They found their answer in RingCentral.

Boosting Business Efficiency with RingCentral's SMS Automator

RingCentral not only provided Saving Lives Society with a user-friendly, reliable cloud phone system allowing their staff to communicate on their business lines from anywhere and on any device, but also brought to the table a decisive feature: the RingCentral SMS Automator.
We loaded our keywords and responses into the RingCentral SMS Automator, and now we’re able to reply immediately and with no manual effort to most text questions and requests from customers. The net effect of that is we’re now seeing about a 50% increase in customer bookings.

Dan Alexander

Owner and Instructor

Leveraging Beetexting with RingCentral for Tailored SMS Workflow Automations

Further enhancing their SMS automation, Saving Lives Society utilized the RingCentral integration with Beetexting to create a series of advanced SMS workflow automations, tailored to their unique requirements.
“If we want to schedule a text to go out at a specific time, or drop an image into an SMS message, Beetexting allows us to do that [at scale]. And by connecting our Beetexting and RingCentral accounts together, we’ve been able to add really useful automations to those workflows.”
Let’s say a new customer asks for more information about Saving Lives Society’s training classes. Using the RingCentral integration with Beetexting, we can have RingCentral catch those keywords – like “more information” or “classes” – and automatically drop in our brochure. That has definitely helped us sign up more customers.

Dan Alexander

Owner and Instructor
This effective combination of RingCentral's SMS Automator and Beetexting integration has streamlined Saving Lives Society's communication processes, freeing up valuable time for their team to focus on their primary mission: teaching lifesaving skills.

Boosting efficiency and focusing employee time on what really matters:

RingCentral has helped improve Saving Lives Society’s operations in several important ways – including creating a better customer experience and increasing bookings and revenue.
But as Dan explains, the biggest benefit of automating the company’s SMS text workflows goes beyond these business-building improvements.
Because RingCentral lets us answer such a large percentage of our daily text inquiries through automation, I’d say our team is spending about 80% less time on those manual responses. That’s time our company can now use much more productively – including adding more lifesaving courses to our calendar.

Dan Alexander

Owner and Instructor

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