RingCentral Events Helps Thryv’s Webinars Generate Both More Customer Value and More Sales Leads
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Attendees registered for Thryv webinars and “deminars” using RingCentral Events

Tens of hours

saved using templates to customize webinar landing pages and email sequences

> 8

out of 10 on every attendee survey since switching to RingCentral Events
RingCentral Events gives us valuable insights into our virtual events, so we can keep making them better. And because it also gives us templates for all of the components we need to run a successful webinar – custom landing pages, email sequences, surveys – we know we can create and host more of these revenue-generating virtual events than ever.

Stephanie Love

Manager of Content Strategy

Helping small businesses streamline their operations and grow

Small service businesses – plumbers, landscapers, medical practices, law firms – play important roles both in improving the lives of their clients and, more broadly, helping to power the economy. But because the owners of these companies focus all of their attention on their areas of expertise, they often struggle with the administrative details required to run and grow their business. Fortunately for these local companies, there’s Thryv.
Every day across the US, Canada, Australia, and other countries, more than 65,000 small and medium-sized businesses use Thryv’s all-in-one business management software to run their companies more efficiently and profitably. The Thryv platform helps businesses with just about every process you can think of – scheduling, estimating, invoicing, managing customer communications, advertising, marketing, even generating more online reviews from customers.
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Event-driven marketing campaigns demand best-in-class event software

Stephanie Love, Manager of Content Strategy for Thryv, explains that when she assumed responsibility for the company’s lead-generation webinars, Thryv was using an event management application that had become a source of frustration.
“I had to run my first webinar using our previous event-software platform, and it let us down in just about every way,” Stephanie says. “The registration was clunky. We had some technical problems, attendees telling us they couldn’t get into the event or that the audio wasn’t working. It took us hours to build the landing page the way we wanted it. Worst of all, when I reviewed the platform’s reporting capabilities, I realized it wasn’t designed to collect much useful data.”
In fact, Stephanie adds, after that first event, she discovered the software platform failed to capture any of the information she needed to glean insights about webinar engagement and even to follow up with attendees.
After that first webinar I ran, I realized our event software didn’t collect any of our tracking information or any registration data. It couldn’t even tell us which registrants actually attended the live event and which didn’t. That was the moment we started looking for a better event-management platform.

Stephanie Love

Manager of Content Strategy

RingCentral Events serves as an excellent event-management hub

After researching other providers, Stephanie explains, she and her team unanimously chose RingCentral Events for several reasons.
“There were a lot of things to like about RingCentral Events, especially after experiencing the limitations of another event platform,” she says. “We now have templates for our webinar’s key promo materials, particularly custom landing pages and emails. So now instead of those taking us hours, we can create them with a few quick tweaks. The user experience is also a lot better – for example, our attendees can just click on our webinar link instead of having to log in.”
RingCentral Events has really helped us speed up and optimize our entire webinar process. What used to be a very challenging and time-consuming process is now so straightforward and simple. Sometimes it almost feels like a machine that runs itself.

Stephanie Love

Manager of Content Strategy
But the most valuable business advantage of using RingCentral Events, Stephanie explains, is the rich set of data and analytics that the platform captures and presents.
With RingCentral Events, we’re gaining insights we didn’t have before: how long attendees stay in our webinars, whether they’re engaging with the content by asking questions or posting comments, and how they rate our speakers and topics. This gives us a 360-degree view of how our webinars resonate – and helps us make our events more compelling and more likely to bring in new customers.

Stephanie Love

Manager of Content Strategy
RingCentral Events proved so valuable for Thryv’s top-of-funnel webinars, Stephanie, adds, that her team also began using it to run their more product-focused “deminar” series.
“My colleague Gabe runs our deminars, which are very detailed, bottom-of-funnel webinars diving deep into specific areas of the Thryv platform. What’s great about RingCentral Events here is that the granular data from these events helps us better understand what areas of the product our users are interested in. We also use this engagement data to guide our content strategy – what topics we should focus on in new blogs, for example.”

Attendee feedback vindicates choosing RingCentral Events

Stephanie also notes that she and her colleagues have substantial data demonstrating that Thryv’s webinar and deminar attendees are overwhelmingly happy with these virtual events since the company rolled out RingCentral Events.
“We run post-event surveys asking about the quality and the attendee’s experience, and of all the dozens of webinars we’ve run on RingCentral Events, I don’t think we’ve ever received one survey response that was less than 8 out of 10. We can put a lot of great content out there, but if the people joining aren’t having a good time or finding value there, it doesn’t matter. So it’s great to know that our webinars are really resonating with our audiences.”

Adding true business value for customers

As Stephanie also explains, her team leverages several RingCentral Events features to make the company’s webinars (and deminars) more engaging and valuable for attendees.
“Our webinars often feature subject-matter experts on specific topics, such as how to secure a business loan. Those events have very high engagement, because attendees know they can ask questions of a real expert, something that might otherwise cost them money. Being able to use
the Q&A Moderation feature in RingCentral Events, and connect our attendees with real experts, helps Thryv use our webinars to create real value for our potential customers.”

Grateful for a terrific customer support team

As valuable as she has found the RingCentral Events platform, Stephanie notes, she’s been equally impressed with the support team behind it.
“Whenever I’ve had a question about RingCentral Events, our customer support rep has been extremely responsive and helpful,” Stephanie says. “I sent her a question once about the registration widget, and after she figured out how to do what I was asking, she recorded herself going through the process and sent me the recording. That’s the type of support you dream of from a technology vendor.”
The bottom line is that RingCentral Events has made our webinars and other virtual events better than we imagined they could be.

Stephanie Love

Manager of Content Strategy

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