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Motion Recruitment Partners Selects RingCentral to Drive Continuing Business Success
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We’ve seen substantial savings as a result of our move to RingCentral. Previously, we’d hired outside consultants to help manage our telephony costs. We no longer have to do that

Bill Corwin

Vice President of Technology, Motion Recruitment

At Motion Recruitment Partners, the importance of a reliable, high-quality, scalable, and cost-effective phone system cannot be overstated

Motion Recruitment Partners is the parent company to a group of the leading talent acquisition solution providers. Founded in 1989, the organization was launched to empower employers by changing the way they acquire talent. Motion Recruitment Partners’ clients look to the organization for help with developing, implementing, and measuring best-in-class hiring processes that attract the hard-to-find talent they need to achieve their business goals. “The key to our success,” explains Bill Corwin, Vice President of Technology at Motion Recruitment Partners, “is our ability to build solid and meaningful relationships with our fellow teammates, candidates, clients, and our deep network of industry professionals. This helps us become experts in our geographic markets, industry specialization, and, most importantly, in our clients’ companies and work cultures. To do that, we need to provide both our clients and candidates with a great experience.”
In a business in which establishing, maintaining, and growing a broad network of relationships are the critical factors for success, it is essential to have a reliable, high-quality, scalable, and cost-effective phone system.

Because providing a great experience for its clients is so important, Motion Recruitment Partners decided it was time to move from its legacy on-premise POTS system to a cloud phone system. “It’s fair to say that the telephone is the cash register for our business,” says Corwin. “Our previous phone system was a hodgepodge of local hardware-based POTS lines connected to the copper network. We had come to a point at which it couldn’t scale and integrate well and was becoming burdensome to our IT staff. We needed a simpler, more manageable, scalable, and reliable system. After exploring our options, we selected RingCentral as our solution.”
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“I consider RingCentral a strategic partner.”

Reasons for Motion Recruitment’s selection of RingCentral include its broad feature set and architectural roadmap, which aligned with Motion Recruitment Partners’ business requirements. Additionally, the firm found RingCentral to be very responsive and committed to understanding its needs and to providing the training and support necessary to get and keep them up and running. “Based on our experience with RingCentral and the importance of high-quality, reliable phone service to our business, I consider RingCentral a strategic partner,” says Corwin.

RingCentral provides Motion Recruitment Partners with features that are important to its continuing business success. “We invest a lot of time and effort in training and mentoring our recruiters which distinguishes us,” explains Corwin. “RingCentral Call Monitoring enables our supervisors to essentially fly side by side with recruiters to assess their performance, coach them, and give them real-time advice to optimize the effectiveness of their calls,” says Corwin. “Using RingCentral’s Whisper functionality, manager can do this in a way that’s unobtrusive to our clients and candidates, which is something we couldn’t do with our previous system.”

“RingCentral’s Cloud Connect provides us with greater stability and better visibility into and oversight of what’s going on across the  network than we had before. We know that the quality of service we’ve come to expect from RingCentral is going to be there no matter where our users are. That’s very important to us as we move forward,” says Chris Stewart, Motion Recruitment Partners’ IT Director of Global Infrastructure. “Provisioning new recruiters on our legacy PBX system required running lines, and took a fair amount of time… With RingCentral, we can get a user set up quickly and easily regardless of where he or she is working around the world.”

“RingCentral also provides us with call analytics, which are extremely useful to us in managing our business as effectively as possible. Beyond that, RingCentral’s scalability and global reach are very valuable to us as our business grows and expands geographically,” adds Corwin.

Motion Recruitment Partners is confident it can continue doing business even in the event of major weather events or other natural disasters because RingCentral’s cloud PBX is housed in bi-coastal, Tier 1 data centers and features multiple layers of redundancy, failover technology, physical and biometric security, encryption, system hardening, and 24/7 monitoring. The firm’s employees can use the RingCentral mobile app to make calls, send faxes or texts, and even host conference calls and online meetings using their smartphones, tablets, or RingCentral for Desktop on their laptops. If internet service is unavailable or low quality, the mobile app can use cellular voice and data networks.
RingCentral also provides us with call analytics, which are extremely useful to us in managing our business as effectively as possible. Beyond that, RingCentral’s scalability and global reach are very valuable to us as our business grows and expands geographically.

Bill Corwin

Vice President of Technology, Motion Recruitment

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