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The US’s Top Provider of Complex Healthcare Services Found a Phone Solution That Simplified Their Operations
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None of the other cloud communication solutions even hold a candle to RingCentral.

Joe Deaton

VoIP Engineer

Helping millions of people with complex healthcare needs

Every day, people in at-risk populations across the US require complex care services to live with dignity and enjoy a high quality of life. Fortunately, these high-need patient populations have BrightSpring Health Services.
For more than 40 years, the continuously growing and evolving company known today as BrightSpring Health Services has been dedicated to a single mission: Helping people with complex care needs live their best lives.
As the country’s leading provider of comprehensive home and community-based health services to complex populations, BrightSpring’s positive impact has been tremendous. Through its many lines of business—home care, hospice, behavioral health, assisted living, family and youth support, vocational training, etc.—the company provides essential services in all 50 states and serves more than 350,000 people every day.
In fact, just one of BrightSpring’s individual subsidiaries—Equus Workforce Solutions, a career development company—helps match more than 1 million job seekers with the right employers every year. With over 400 offices around the country, Equus is the largest workforce solutions provider in the United States.
It’s this type of proven track record of success that has made BrightSpring a trusted service provider for many of the world’s largest insurance companies as well as government entities at all levels—local, state, and federal.
And with a rapidly expanding portfolio of businesses and locations across the US, BrightSpring needed a flexible, user-friendly phone solution to keep everyone connected.
Louisville, KY

Acquiring businesses without creating a phone-infrastructure nightmare

In recent years, BrightSpring’s model for growth has been to acquire best-in-class health providers that offer complex care services around the country. The company has added an impressive number of these organizations to its corporate family—including assisted living facilities, neuro-rehabilitation solutions, hospice care, and in-home service providers.
But integrating new businesses—many of which already have staff distributed across dozens of locations—requires the right type of phone solution. BrightSpring’s technical teams did not want to risk an increasingly fragmented organization with incompatible IT communications infrastructures.
So, after researching the industry and testing several leading cloud communications solutions, BrightSpring selected RingCentral’s unified solution for voice, SMS, meetings, video conferencing, and team messaging.
Here’s how Travis McCreary, the IT Project and Support Manager for BrightSpring’s Equus subsidiary, explains the benefit of a centralized, cloud-based solution for his large and still-growing organization:
We have offices all over the country. But rather than signing up for dozens of local telco contracts and installing different phone systems everywhere, we have one solution… RingCentral… which I can manage from one login and which we can all access anywhere to connect with anyone on the team.

Travis McCreary

IT Project and Support Manager

RingCentral scales seamlessly to meet BrightSpring’s growth

BrightSpring has also been rolling out RingCentral more aggressively to its other subsidiaries. And as thrilled as they are to have a mobile, user-friendly communications solution to support their employees, VoIP Engineer Joe Deaton explains that the RingCentral adoption happened almost by accident:
My team actually inherited RingCentral from a business that we acquired, so I had to figure it out as we onboarded that company. I quickly realized that this was the best cloud phone system I’d ever encountered.

Joe Deaton

VoIP Engineer
As Joe saw what BrightSpring’s newly acquired subsidiary was able to do with their RingCentral service, he saw the potential to streamline and improve communications across the other business in the BrightSpring family of brands.
“Logistically speaking, we’re a very complex and widely distributed company,” Joe says. “We’ve got offices everywhere, and a lot of our staff spend most of their time in the field. We could see that a solution like this, which was easy to roll out which people could use anywhere, could help us keep our organization connected and integrated even as we brought on new companies and expanded into new areas.”

Preparing for the lockdowns… even without realizing it

Because RingCentral allows BrightSpring’s employees to call, text, meet, and message from any computer or smartphone, rolling out their RingCentral solution also prepared the company for a smooth and painless transition to remote work as the quarantine orders went into effect.
As Travis explains, “Having RingCentral in place before the lockdowns was a blessing for us. Everyone went home, loaded up the RingCentral apps on their computers and cell phones, and we were able to be productive right from the start.”

Dream jobs in dream locations

With more than 5 million users and over 6,000 employees, RingCentral offers incredible opportunities across the globe.