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Open Mortgage Turns to RingCentral to Create a Better Mortgage Experience
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RingCentral plays perfectly with Google for Work.

Scott Evans

IT manager, Open Mortgage LLC
For more than a decade, Open Mortgage LLC has been helping people across America fulfill their dreams of home ownership. Choosing the right type of mortgage for home loans, refinancing, or reverse mortgages can be a stressful and fraught process, but Open Mortgage’s commitment to process innovation and exceptional customer service is making that experience easier than ever for its clients. 
“We work with folks at all stages of life from the young to seniors, so we need the flexibility to be all things to all people,” explains Scott Evans, IT manager, Open Mortgage LLC.
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Beyond the phone to communications innovation

When Evans came to Open Mortgage, the company had legacy, open-source VoIP software that was end-of-life. “I inherited a phone system that was single server-based, which meant that all calls, nationwide, had to travel back to one location,” Evans explains. “And if that server went down—well, I immediately did not like the thought of a single point of failure.”
Evans decided to replace the old-school way of thinking about separate phone, email, and fax systems with a modern approach that integrates as much functionality as possible into one overall communications system. He had already deployed Google for Work because of its robust, redundant, and easy-to-use cloud-based ecosystem. “With the strength of their email system along with their document suites and the other pieces they offer, it made sense for us to go with Google,” says Evans.

Seamless integration simplifies the workflow

When Evans saw that RingCentral is part of the “Recommended for Google Apps for Work” program, and that it offers advanced, business-class functionality, he was convinced. He chose RingCentral for Google for its ability to work seamlessly with the company’s Google Apps. “RingCentral plays perfectly with Google for Work,” he attests.
“Having calls, texts, emails, faxes, and documents all under one umbrella creates a more streamlined workflow for employees,” Evans notes. In this way, RingCentral helps Open Mortgage improve customer service.
Having calls, texts, emails, faxes, and documents all under one umbrella creates a more streamlined workflow for employees.

Scott Evans

 IT manager, Open Mortgage LLC

Productive, flexible employees give better customer service

For example, when employees are reading an email that contains a phone number, one click dials the number. This not only saves a little bit of time, but makes a quick callback more likely. Setting up meetings can be done in a few steps: click on the calendar date, edit the event, add in the call information, and send—a simple and efficient use of time.
With RingCentral, employees are not tied to desk phones waiting for faxes or callbacks. With a headset and a laptop, or a smartphone, employees can be in touch with their clients whether they are at home with a sick child or on the road. They can even hold the meeting on their smartphones. “Our phones are wherever we are,” says Evans. “RingCentral makes the phone a powerful tool that travels with you.”
By choosing RingCentral, Evans eliminated the single point of failure that worried him. At the same time, it enabled him to build a communications system that helps Open Mortgage deliver on its commitment to make the mortgage experience as easy as possible.

Dream jobs in dream locations

With more than 5 million users and over 6,000 employees, RingCentral offers incredible opportunities across the globe.