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Switching to RingCentral Saves Corrigan Moving Systems More than $12,000 a Month
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With RingCentral, we have everything we need in one place: mobile and remote-work capabilities, a unified app for phone and texting, and a no-maintenance solution our employees can manage themselves. And even with all those benefits, we’re still saving over $12,000 each month.

Neil Nosakowski

Chief Information Officer

Helping families and businesses relocate for nearly a century

The organization known today as Corrigan Moving Systems began at the onset of the Great Depression when founder Frank Corrigan used his ice-delivery truck to help families forced to leave their homes relocate their possessions. In the 90+ years since, the family-owned business has never stopped providing moving services—and never stopped growing. 
Today, Corrigan Moving Systems has expanded to become a full-service transportation and relocation company, offering residential and commercial moving services throughout the US and even internationally. Whether a family or business needs to move its belongings a few blocks or around the world, Corrigan has the resources, expertise, and network to make it happen.

It was time to relocate telecommunications to the cloud

Neil Nosakowski, Corrigan’s Chief Information Officer, explains that in recent years the company’s legacy phone system was becoming increasingly problematic in terms of cost, reliability, and lack of functionality.
“We had on-prem infrastructure with PBX systems at every location, and the hardware was wearing out and creating reliability problems,” Neil says. “Worse, anytime we had even a small issue or wanted to make a change to the system, we’d have to contact the vendor and wait.”
Corrigan’s employees were also becoming frustrated with the phone system’s lack of capabilities, Neil explains. “The moving industry still runs primarily on phone calls, but when our employees left their desks, they couldn’t stay in communication with customers or partners unless they gave out their personal numbers. They also didn’t have the ability to text from their business lines, which a growing number of customers want as a communication option.”
Finally, Neil points out that even if the company had been happy with its legacy phone system, the costs to maintain it were becoming untenable.
The old system required T1s at every office for data, and PRIs for our voice calls. Those telecom contracts were costing us a fortune, and that’s before you factor in the additional expenses for support, maintenance, and regularly upgrading the physical systems.

Neil Nosakowski

Chief Information Officer
Transportation and logistics
Farmington Hills, MI

Moving their communications into the modern era

As Neil explains, rolling out RingCentral for Corrigan’s 275 office-based employees solved all of the company’s telecom challenges—while creating several additional operational benefits as well. One key new benefit, he says, is that employees can now easily manage and customize their own business phone environments.
“I think the self-sufficiency RingCentral gives our staff is the biggest benefit. Employees are going into the app to choose where they route calls, what hours of the day to have their business number ring on their cell phones, and making temporary changes like directing calls to a coworker while they’re away at a doctor’s appointment. Our employees can now customize their workflows more easily than ever, and that’s making them more efficient.”
Another major benefit Corrigan has enjoyed since migrating to RingCentral, Neil adds, is the ability to send and receive text messages on employees’ business phone numbers—a capability the company never had before.
Being able to text from their business line, from anywhere, has been a game-changer for our employees and our business. This is a preferred method of communication for a lot of our customers, especially our younger customers, and now we’re able to offer that service to them.

Neil Nosakowski

Chief Information Officer

Finding benefit after benefit with RingCentral

One of the many ways RingCentral is helping Corrigan’s employees improve their daily workflows, Neil notes, is by enabling them to work and stay connected to customers from anywhere.
“Our employees still have desk phones in the office, but now they can easily make and receive their business calls—and texts, too—through RingCentral on their laptops and personal cell phones,” he says. “If they need to work from home, or they’re on the road for any reason, our employees don’t need to miss a single customer or partner communication.”
In fact, Neil adds, many Corrigan employees leverage another RingCentral feature to take mobility a step further. “Our employees love the Call Flip feature. If they’re in the office and on a call with their desk phone, they just press a button and flip the call to their cell phone”
Yet another operational improvement Corrigan is now enjoying with RingCentral, Neil explains, is the ability to make better-informed business decisions thanks to the tremendous visibility the management team now has into the company’s communications.
RingCentral’s reporting dashboard is a huge benefit to our company because it lets us see everything: how quickly calls are being answered, what percentage go to voicemail, and anything else we want to know. That gives us the business intelligence to make the best decisions for our company—such as whether it’s time to grow our support team.

Neil Nosakowski

Chief Information Officer

RingCentral pays for itself—and then some

Finally, Neil points out that RingCentral has proven to be not only less expensive than Corrigan’s previous phone system, but an upgrade yielding such substantial savings that it more than covers its own costs.
From the day we completed the switchover, it took less than six months for our overall investment in RingCentral to pay for itself based on the savings we were receiving each month over our old system.

Neil Nosakowski

Chief Information Officer

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