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Phoenix Virtual Solutions Is Using RingCentral to Grow its Healthcare Outsourcing Firm into a Global Leader
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With healthcare clients across the US, our administrative offices on two continents, and managers overseeing the work of virtual assistants around the world, there’s no way we could operate efficiently and provide outstanding client service without a global, cloud phone solution. Fortunately, we have RingCentral.

Rommel Ragasa

VP of Admin and Business Development
When healthcare providers in the United States, Australia, and United Kingdom need highly trained virtual assistants, they are increasingly turning to the experts at Phoenix Virtual Solutions. This leading healthcare outsourcing company provides skilled professionals for a wide range of virtual roles—including patient management, customer service, and medical billing—to physicians’ offices, specialty medical practices, and other healthcare organizations of all sizes.
According to the time-management software company Time Doctor, Phoenix ranks as one of the world’s “Best Virtual Assistant Companies of 2021.” And although Phoenix attributes much of its success to the expertise of its executive team—which has more than 75 years’ combined experience in US healthcare management and offshore staffing—the company has another secret weapon enabling the outstanding client service that’s leading to its massive growth.
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Choosing the right global cloud communications platform

From day one, Phoenix has been a global company—with offices in the United States and in the Philippines. And although the company’s administrative employees worked in the office pre-COVID, Phoenix’s hundreds of virtual assistants have always been 100% remote, because the company hires them all over the world.
“With a team as distributed as ours, we needed a truly global communications solution that could connect employees with each other, with our virtual assistants, and with our clients from anywhere in the world,” says Rommel Ragasa, Phoenix’s VP of Admin and Business Development.
“We reviewed the cloud telephony systems on the market, and RingCentral was clearly the solution with the best global capabilities. RingCentral itself even has corporate offices in the Philippines.”
From a telecom standpoint, RingCentral is making it easy for us to add hundreds of virtual assistants worldwide to our network. No matter where these assistants are, if they have a computer or smartphone, we can set them up in our global phone environment within a few minutes.

Rommel Ragasa

VP of Admin and Business Development

Seamless onboarding of new remote assistants

As Rommel points out, one benefit Phoenix saw right away after rolling out RingCentral was that the company now had a simple solution for setting up newly hired virtual assistants in Phoenix’s company-wide telephony environment.
“When we brought on a new virtual assistant, no matter where they were located, we could add them to our internal communications environment immediately by having them add the RingCentral softphone app to their desktop or laptop at home,” he says.
“We’d add them to the RingCentral directory—which takes about a minute—and they could immediately start taking and making business calls and SMS messages right from their computers. Many virtual assistants also added the RingCentral mobile app to their cell phone, so they could stay connected to their managers while they were away from their desks.”

Improving the recruiting process

Rommel also explains that Phoenix’s recruiting team uses the built-in RingCentral Video to get a better sense of the candidates they interview for virtual assistant positions.
“Our recruiters really benefit from seeing the candidates, and speaking with them face-to-face, as opposed to just hearing their voices over a phone call. RingCentral Video is definitely helping us make better recruiting and hiring decisions.”

Keeping a globally distributed staff connected—even through COVID

Finally, Rommel notes, having RingCentral also helped Phoenix’s global office staff transition seamlessly and painlessly to remote work when the COVID lockdowns went into effect in 2020.
“We recognized all along that RingCentral was the ideal communications platform for remote work,” Rommel says. “But we were originally thinking that our virtual assistants would be Phoenix’s main remote workforce. The rest of us would be based in one of our corporate offices.”
“What COVID showed us was that we could all suddenly have to leave the office and set up our working lives somewhere else. And because we all had RingCentral apps on our laptops and phones, we made that transition as a company without missing a beat.”
We have executives both in the US and in the Philippines, and some of us are often traveling elsewhere internationally. But thanks to RingCentral Video, which we can use anywhere on any device, we’re still able to hold executive meetings anytime.

Rommel Ragasa

VP of Admin and Business Development

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