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Cherry Creek Mortgage Counts on RingCentral for Reliability and Responsive Support
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Compared with our experience with the other VoIP provider, RingCentral goes well beyond. Their follow-up support is exceptional.

Dale Moxon

VP of Facilities, Cherry Creek Mortgage
In addition to its corporate headquarters in Colorado, Cherry Creek Mortgage Co. has 75+ branch offices across the United States. A communications platform is a critical part of the company’s infrastructure, because a tremendous amount of communication and collaboration must take place for every mortgage the company handles. Calls and documents flow constantly between the sales agents in the field, Cherry Creek personnel at headquarters (appraisers, underwriters, processors, and so on), and financial institutions.
For Dale Moxon, Cherry Creek’s VP of Facilities, reliability and good customer support are key requirements for any solution he brings into the company, and this is especially true of the communications system. “I can’t afford for our phones to be down,” he explains. “We have our branch personnel calling in discussing the status of their loan files with numerous departments. Downtime has a big impact on our operations.”
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Doing away with downtime, consolidating on one solution

Days-long downtimes and constant service drops with its previous communications vendor led Moxon on a search for a more reliable solution. In addition to reliability, he was looking for a comprehensive feature set that would allow him to consolidate multiple solutions (such as phones and video conferencing) into a single platform from one vendor.
His initial research narrowed the field to three unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solutions. From those, he chose RingCentral. “When I compared the feature sets, I could see that with RingCentral I would get the most functionality for the price,” he says.
Moxon has deployed RingEX™ at the corporate headquarters and a number of the branch offices, and is rolling it out to additional offices on an on-going basis.
Moxon got the reliability he was looking for with RingCentral. Downtimes and service drops are a thing of the past. In addition, he found numerous other advantages to going with RingCentral, such as:
RingCentral Phone™. “Our salespeople love having RingCentral on their cell phones, especially having their work number displayed when they call from their personal phones,” Moxon notes.
RingCentral-Salesforce (Jungo) integration. This was another reason Moxon chose RingCentral. All of the RingCentral communications functionality can be accessed from within Jungo, the Salesforce CRM application for mortgage brokers.
The ability to spin up new numbers quickly. This was a sore spot with the previous provider. Moxon would put in a request for a number and get no response for weeks. “With RingCentral, I can go into a portal and pick up a number and activate a phone,” he says. “That’s huge. It’s made a major difference for me in my ability to open new locations.”
Call monitoring. “The RingCentral monitoring tools are great and our network admins love them,” he adds.
Someone to call who follows through. For a person with as much on his plate as Moxon, this may be the biggest benefit of RingCentral. “Compared with our experience with the other VoIP provider, RingCentral goes well beyond,” he says. “Their follow-up support is exceptional. Everyone we’ve dealt with, from our salesperson to our customer success manager to RingCentral tech support, is knowledgeable and helpful. To me, relationships are huge, and this is a big reason why I’m so happy with RingCentral.”
To me, relationships are huge, and this is a big reason why I’m so happy with RingCentral.

Dale Moxon

VP of Facilities, Cherry Creek Mortgage