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America’s premier dermatology practice uses RingCentral to improve its call-answer rate significantly
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in annual telephony savings after switching all 150+ locations to RingCentral


minutes to update the phone menu of any clinic, from anywhere

Significant reduction in missed calls leveraging RingCentral’s call queues and analytics
RingCentral has helped us improve our clinical and operational workflows, deliver a better experience to our patients, continue operating efficiently through the lockdowns, and even lower our telecom bill. That’s a lot to ask of a communications solution, but it’s what RingCentral delivered.

Brett Mcvay

Network Administrator

A trusted medical provider for more than 40 years

From rejuvenating wrinkled skin to treating melanoma, the experts at Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery offer world-class care to hundreds of thousands of patients per year. The company’s wide range of services includes treatments for conditions of the skin, hair, and nails, advanced skin-cancer treatments, and cutting-edge therapies to reduce the impacts of age and the environment.
The company has built such a stellar reputation—Newsweek recently ranked several of its physicians among America’s top medical dermatologists—that today Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery is one of the country’s largest premier dermatology practices, operating more than 150+ clinical facilities across the United States.
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The pandemic highlighted a growing telephony challenge

Brett McVay, Network Administrator for Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, explains that for several years the company had contracted with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to administer its telephony infrastructure—which consisted of outdated phone system and hundreds of obsolete desk phones at clinics across the country.
As Brett points out, although Advanced Dermatology’s in-house IT team did its best to deal with the many shortcomings of both the MSP and the phone system itself, the 2020 pandemic turned those shortcomings into a potential threat to the company’s operations.
“The MSP took weeks to fulfill requests for the smallest changes to our phone menus,” Brett says. “And we faced other big issues, like frequent outages, outdated equipment, and the inability to easily transition from traditional faxing to eFax.

Seamless migration to RingCentral

Brett notes that when Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery selected RingCentral for its company-wide cloud communications solution, the implementation ran as smoothly as he and his team could’ve hoped.
“The RingCentral system is so intuitive that we grasped the basics of configuring it right away. And we used the migration of the first couple of clinics to determine how best to set up each location’s menus, call flows, and other settings. Once we found the most efficient way to spin up a location, it was easy to keep rolling out RingCentral to all of our other clinical sites.”
In fact, Brett points out, as the company expands rapidly, the ability to spin up new locations with RingCentral continues to prove an enormous operational advantage.
The easy scalability is probably the most valuable aspect of RingCentral for us. We continue to grow, and integrating acquired practices into our telephony environment was difficult with our old provider. But with RingCentral, we can go into a newly acquired practice, onboard them onto RingCentral over a weekend, and have them up and running in our system on Monday morning.

Brett McVay

Network Administrator

Improving operations across the company with RingCentral

Since rolling out RingCentral across all of the organization’s administrative and clinical locations, Advanced Dermatology is experiencing numerous benefits that are improving the patient experience, staff’s workflows, and the company’s bottom line. Brett describes what he sees as the most significant advantages of the company’s new communications solution.
“RingCentral’s built-in faxing has been a game changer,” he says. “With our old system, patient-referral faxes came into our clinics’ fax machines. When we had to shut down many of our clinics, those faxes could create delay in response and lost revenue. When we switched to RingCentral, suddenly we had the ability to receive those faxes remotely, basically like an inbound email, and respond quickly. That improved patient care and our revenue streams.”
RingCentral’s ease of management, Brett adds, is also helping Advanced Dermatology improve its clinical workflows and create an even better patient experience.
“Say a clinic calls and asks us to update their phone greeting because a couple of their providers will be away for a week. With our MSP handling our previous phone system, that change request could’ve taken two weeks—at which point the change would be irrelevant. But RingCentral’s admin portal is so easy that we can go in myself, from anywhere, and in about 20 minutes make whatever changes the clinic wants.”
Another advantage, Brett explains, is the ability to quickly spin up communications for a new location. “Whether we’re adding our own clinic or a practice we’ve acquired, RingCentral removes all the headaches, all the delays, and even most of the costs from equipping that new location with telephony. Even porting a practice’s existing numbers into RingCentral is quick and painless. And that’s actually going to help streamline Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery’s onboarding process with acquired medical practices.
RingCentral’s analytics are amazing. The reports help us monitor how well our Clinical and Operational staff are handling calls and gain other business intelligence that our managers can use to improve performance. For example, when we rolled out RingCentral, we saw collective data about our missed call rate. I check our data frequently and we continue to improve our answer rates day by day.

Brett McVay

Network Administrator

Saving significantly on telecommunications

As Brett also explains, migrating to RingCentral has helped Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery lower its overall communications costs considerably, in several ways.
“The MSP was expensive when adding each new clinical site to our telephony environment because it required procuring equipment, waiting for the MSP’s config, and it took a lot of time and labor. Now when we onboard a new site, our only telephony costs are adding new users to the environment. We don’t need anyone to install anything. And because RingCentral is device-agnostic, we can continue using whatever desk phones and conference phones the practice already has. Over time, that’s creating massive cost-savings.”
You’d expect such an upgrade in capabilities to create additional costs—because now you’re getting ease-of-use, mobility, scalability, digital faxing, and an all-in-one telephony environment we can easily manage ourselves. But switching to RingCentral is saving Advanced Dermatology a significant amount of operational expense.

Brett McVay

Network Administrator

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