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Dialing up innovation

We’re always innovating to help you work smarter, not harder. Here’s what's new at RingCentral.
RingCentral Updates March 2023: Advanced Video Settings

See 5 new RingCentral MVP innovations

Video: Top 5 release highlights MVP Q1 2023 | RingCentral

Powerful new capabilities to help you work smarter

An image of RingCentral Status' 5 leading 9s uptime history
Message, video, phone
Available now

See our leading five 9s uptime history

Our new global uptime page shows historical reliability performance for RingCentral products like Phone, Messaging, Video, Engage Voice and Digital.
RingCentral dialpad and call recordings dashboard
Available now

Do more faster with Microsoft Teams voicemail and call recordings

Access call recordings - find, play, pause, and download all your recorded conversations -  and automatically transcribed voicemails, without leaving Microsoft Teams.
RingCentral's call queue window
Available now

Integrated call queue management in Microsoft Teams

Start or stop accepting calls from all the queues you belong to, or individual queues, right from Microsoft Teams, eliminating timely and distracting app switching.
RingCentral Phone Admin portal
Available now

Enhanced admin experience

View an enhanced mobile admin user interface, a new search bar in the admin portal for quick access to whatever you are looking for, as well as enhancements to our number porting flow.
An illustration of hands with a phone icon, Microsoft Exchange logo, and add contact logo on top
Available now

New, intuitive cloud phone capabilities

Now you can sync your RingCentral contacts with on-premises Microsoft Exchange and have your phone calls not only ring on your desktop and mobile apps, but also on the apps of a designated coworker.
The Add Number window pane of RingCentral's Admin portal
Available now

Track expenses efficiently with simplified license management

Admins can now transfer licenses easily between cost centers during various points in the provisioning flow, and view cost centers by availability.

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See 10 new customer experience innovations

Video: Top 10 release highlights CX Q3 2022 | RingCentral

Innovations that elevate connected experiences and provide insights

A chat with an online virtual agent
Omnichannel CX

Securely build custom Digital-first chat solutions with an SDK 

Allow your customers to engage digitally via a low-code software development kit – without downloading third-party content on your website.
A post-interaction survey for gathering customer feedback
Omnichannel CX

Gather customer feedback effectively and instantly on appropriate channels

Increase customer response to feedback surveys by automatically sending them at the end of the interaction on the channel of the interaction — and identify key issues quickly. 
An overview of agent dashboard with modern UI
Omnichannel CX

Improve agent experience with a better UI

Give your agents an intuitive, modern UI for a better experience and greater productivity.
A comprehensive report detailing agent performance in terms of contacts and messages
Omnichannel CX

Optimize reporting with one interface across channels for the same metrics

Provide a comprehensive view of system and channel performance with expanded metrics specific to digital, such as Likes and Shares.
Pop-up message feature of Engage Voice
Outbound CX

Increase agent productivity with Google integration for Desk API / WebHID

Reduce cognitive stress within Engage Voice by popping up customer-relevant info from different tools.  
A view of inbox messages from Engage Digital
Digital CX

Enhanced integration with Apple Message for Business

Delight more customers with Apple chat, making interactions fun with tapback reactions on iMessage. 
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Microsoft Teams logo
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From powerful calling to AI-powered contact centers, these new innovations will help you run and manage business communications faster and easier.
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RingCentral CX: Feature Release Overview Q1 2023

“RingCentral is a great example of an organization that, by far, has the most open platform in the industry and is truly dedicated to improving workflows and enhancing productivity.”

Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK Research

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