RingCentral Delivers Secure Communications Functionality for a Fast-Growing, Global Business
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RingCentral lets any Medallian be a part of the office communications system, whether they work in one of our offices, at home, or remotely. This enables us to maintain the flexibility that is a core part of our culture.

Sam Bryson

IT Support Manager, Medallia
Medallia enables companies—no matter their size or complexity—to stay close to their customers. It has a proven track record of partnering with organizations to transform their culture and day-to-day operations around the customer. Not only does Medallia capture customer feedback from any channel—mobile, web, in-store, social media, and contact centers—but it also delivers sophisticated data and insight to the most relevant teams and people who can take action. All in real time.
“Medallia becomes the eyes and ears of a company,” says Sam Bryson, IT Support Manager at Medallia. “We help companies stay connected to their customers, no matter how big they get or how complicated their customer journeys become. As a result, our customers stay nimble and can act fast, whether responding to a customer need or innovating to create new value they know their customers are demanding.”
Medallia created the customer experience management (CEM) category and continues to lead the space. It works with hundreds of brands across financial services, telecommunications, hospitality, airlines, retail, professional services organizations, and technology companies. Medallia is backed by Sequoia Capital, the venture firm’s largest investment to date.
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Upgrading communications at a fast-growing, global company

Based in Silicon Valley, Medallia has offices in New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney, Buenos Aires, and Tel Aviv, and continues to expand. When Bryson and the IT team decided to upgrade Medallia’s communications system, they knew they needed a system that could keep up with the company’s quickly growing global presence.
Bryson’s goal was to implement a single global provider that would equip all Medallia locations with a standard set of communications functionality and a consistent user experience. He also wanted to ensure that the solution would maintain necessary bandwidth as the company continues to scale. With those requirements in mind, he chose RingCentral’s unified communications as a service (UCaaS) platform.
“We are growing at a very rapid pace and needed a solution that would grow with us. RingCentral’s platform is simple and eliminates all the hassle of on-prem systems, such as POTS ordering and sizing per country contracts, allowing our team to focus on more critical activity,” says Bryson.
The functionality is not limited to Medallia employees who only work in-office. “RingCentral lets any Medallian be a part of the office
communications system, whether they work in one of our offices, at home, or remotely. This enables us to maintain the flexibility that is a core part of our culture,” continues Bryson. Medallia uses other RingCentral functionality, including Global RingEX™ for international branch offices, RingEX™ for face-to-face online collaboration, and RingCentral integrations with Okta.
Medallia uses RingCentral for Okta for identity and access management. This lets users access RingCentral in a secure fashion, automatically provision RingCentral phone numbers, and link employees’ contact information to Medallia’s active directory.
Medallia is also in beta with RingCentral Direct Connect, a new managed service that provides a dedicated and private MPLS network connection between a company’s network service provider and RingCentral.
“Moving to the cloud required us to assure call and meeting quality,” Bryson explains. “With Direct Connect, we have guaranteed bandwidth, guaranteed service.”
With Direct Connect, we have guaranteed bandwidth, guaranteed service.

Sam Bryson

IT Support Manager, Medallia

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