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This award-winning New England Hospitality group boostssales and cuts costs with RingCentral
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eliminating hardware and improving staff efficiency has lowered expenses
We’re in the business of delivering outstanding, hassle-free vacation experiences—and those experiences include providing excellent support anytime our guests contact us. Thanks to RingCentral, we’re able to do that now better than ever. And we didn’t have to spend more money to make that happen. In fact, RingCentral has helped us lower our costs.

Jessica Tivey

Director of Sales and Marketing

Creating lifelong vacation memories for more than 80 years

For decades, vacationers looking for an unforgettable getaway in the New England area have turned to Path Vacations—which operates three of the finest lakefront resorts in New Hampshire.
The company’s upscale condo-and suite-style properties have become so popular with guests and the travel industry media that Path Vacations has won numerous awards—including a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor and a spot on the “Top 10 Places to Stay” list published by New Hampshire’s Union Leader newspaper.
In addition to its properties, Path Vacations also offers a club program that gives members access to thousands of high-end destinations all over the world.

Upgrading from a standard phone system… to a suite

Jessica Tivey, Director of Sales and Marketing for Path Vacations, explains that for years the company used a legacy phone infrastructure with only the most basic functionality.
“Our hardline phone system didn’t give us any mobile capabilities, and it didn’t support our ever-increasing call center needs—particularly as we crossed the 2,000-calls-per-day threshold.” 
Sanbornton, NH

Like Path Vacations itself, RingCentral delivers five-star service

As Jessica explains, moving all Path Vacations employees to RingCentral’s cloud-based communications solution—including RingCentral Video and RingCentral Contact Center—has led to numerous operational improvements across the company.
“One of the most immediate benefits we saw with RingCentral was that we finally had the ability to take our business numbers with us wherever we went,” she says. “Setting employees up was so easy—everyone just downloaded the RingCentral app on their cell phones, and suddenly we could all receive and make work calls from the road or if we had to work from home.”
Additionally, Jessica points out, as Path Vacations rolled out RingCentral Contact Center for the agents on its sales and member support teams, the company began experiencing several game-changing operational improvements.
We’ve seen tangible benefits since migrating to RingCentral. Our member support team has increased their answer rates, thanks to the call queues in RingCentral Contact Center. Our sales numbers are also up because guests can see Path Vacations on the caller ID even if our reps call from their cell phones. RingCentral is really helping us improve our operations across the board.

Jessica Tivey

Director of Sales and Marketing

Enhancing the guest experience with a RingCentral integration

Jessica also notes that Path Vacations’ sales reps and member support agents have been able both to streamline their workflows and improve the caller experience by integrating RingCentral with Creatio. This part was implemented by RingCentral’s ISV Partner Velvetech, which has provided Path Vacations’ sales and support teams with an effective multifunctional CTI panel to optimize and enhance their performance.
Because RingCentral integrates with our CRM, Creatio, our support agents can take guest calls right in their Creatio environment—and see a full profile and history of each caller even before they pick up.

Jessica Tivey

Director of Sales and Marketing
Jessica continues, “Our sales reps can also make calls to guests and prospects from Creatio and have detailed profile information onscreen. In both cases, this helps our team have more productive phone calls—whether they’re helping an existing member or signing up a new one.”

Keeping the team connected with RingCentral Video

Now that they all have RingCentral’s softphone capability on their computers and the mobile apps on their cell phones, Path Vacations’ employees have also begun leveraging the built-in RingCentral Video.
“The video meetings are so easy to set up that we’re all using RingCentral Video all the time—for regular team meetings and also just for quick, one-on-one chats with coworkers when we’re in different locations.”

Lowering the company’s telecom expenses

Finally, Jessica explains, even with all the operational improvements the company has experienced with its new communications solution, Path Vacations reduced its telecom expenses by moving to RingCentral—a benefit the company wasn’t expecting but that has proven a welcome surprise.
Between eliminating our old phone hardware and maintenance costs, improving our staff’s efficiencies, and ending our costly carrier relationships, we’re saving money with RingCentral. Hard to believe we’re getting so much more and paying less—but I’ll take it.

Jessica Tivey

Director of Sales and Marketing