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This Fast-Growing Government Service Provider Outgrew its Contact Center Solution… and Found RingCentral
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The most significant improvement has been that we no longer have phone outages. RingCentral just never goes down, and that’s such an enormous relief to a company offering call center services.

Chris Leonard

Director of IT
Cayuse Technologies is a leading provider of professional and technology solutions for government agencies and major corporations. The company, a qualified Native American business, has earned tribal 8(a) enterprise status from the Small Business Administration SBA. Cayuse has been providing professional services and government client missions since 2006.

When government entities need help carrying out some of their most important missions—from building and securing their digital networks, to critical-infrastructure planning and safety training—dozens of these agencies and departments turn to Cayuse Technologies.

One thing these government entities—and many others—have in common is that they’ve all entrusted mission-critical projects to the experts at Cayuse Technologies.
A tribally owned company headquartered in Oregon, Cayuse Technologies provides professional and IT solutions for government agencies and household-name corporations. After building a world-class reputation for service over its 15-year history, the company has become one of the government’s most trusted service providers.
One of the core capabilities for which Cayuse Technologies has gained a particularly strong reputation is its inbound call center operation. That division of the company has grown rapidly, thanks in large part to positive word-of-mouth from clients.
But as more government entities and private-sector businesses outsourced their call center needs to Cayuse Technologies, the company found its on-prem phone system increasingly unable to keep up.
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Pendleton, Oregon

An on-prem phone infrastructure taxed beyond its limits

Cayuse Technologies grew significantly in recent years, leading the company to switch from its original phone service to a more sophisticated solution. But the company—which was earning a reputation as a go-to professional service provider—just kept growing, particularly in the size and scope of its call center operations. At some point, client demand became too much even for the newer phone system.
“We found ourselves with two phone solutions, from two different providers, and we were still lacking the reliability, call quality, and functionality we needed,” says Chris Leonard, Director of IT.
The biggest problem with both phone solutions was the same: downtime. “We promise high levels of uptime in our service-level agreements,” Chris explains. “These regular phone outages were threatening to undermine those guarantees.”
A second challenge for Cayuse Technologies was the underwhelming reporting capabilities of its newer phone system. “Our clients expect call-data reports covering a wide range of metrics, but the old system basically output only raw data, and our project managers then had to spend hours turning that data into readable reports.”
As these challenges became more serious, they threatened to affect the company’s operational efficiencies and client relationships. That’s when Chris’s team received executive approval to cancel one of the company’s telecom contracts and use the savings to find a better solution.

Every one of the company’s project managers choose RingCentral

When Chris presented the company’s call center project managers with several options for new telecommunications and call center solutions, their decision was unanimous. “Unlike the other solutions we investigated, RingCentral made it so easy to choose any types of data we wanted to pull and then output a clean, client-ready report. Every one of my project managers selected RingCentral, and it didn’t even seem to be a close call.”
The number of pre-built reports in RingCentral, and the ability to generate them so quickly, is just phenomenal. It makes our clients happy and saves our team a lot of time.

Angela Gallino

Executive Support Services Supervisor
Although the reporting functionality was probably the deciding factor for Cayuse Technologies to select RingCentral, people across the company now agree that the most important benefit they’re receiving from their new cloud-based contact center solution is guaranteed uptime.
“Phone outages were a priority-one challenge for the company,” says Chris. “We’re providing phone support for mission-critical functions of government agencies and global businesses, so we can’t afford any downtime. Thanks to RingCentral, we’ve gone from dealing with that problem on a regular basis… to no longer worrying about it at all.” 

Maintaining world-class phone support even through COVID

Marilyn Wildman, BPO Delivery Manager for Cayuse Technologies, is the project manager who oversaw the first team of support agents to use the new RingCentral Contact Center solution. Adding another layer of complexity to that system migration: It took place as the company went into lockdown and everyone—including every call center had to begin working from home.
“Thanks to RingCentral, we haven’t had any downtime during this entire COVID lockdown period,” Marilyn says. “And because it’s a cloud solution that everybody is using from home, even if one agent has an internet outage in their area, that won’t take the whole phone system offline—the way an outage with our previous system did.”
The reporting capabilities are better. The functionality is better. And downtime is no longer an issue. I am so glad we moved to RingCentral.

Marilyn Wildman

BPO Delivery Manager