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RingCentral Helps this Patient-Favorite Family Dentistry Practice Continue Caring for Patients During the Lockdowns

“Your platform just handled 15,000+ concurrent calls!”
 —RingCentral client
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Company profile:
With a perfect 5-star average rating across hundreds of Google Reviews, Dentistry for Kids and Adults is a patient favorite among family dental practices in the Southern California. The practice has been serving patients “patients of all ages” for nearly 20 years.
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Santa Clarita, CA

As many as one in five Americans will avoid going to the dentist because of fear or anxiety. That’s one of the main reasons Dr. Gina Dorfman founded Dentistry for Kids and Adults.

Dr. Dorfman has devoted her professional life to improving the field of dentistry—not only for the patients and team at her own thriving practice in Santa Clarita, California, but for patients and dentists everywhere. In addition to founding Dentistry for Kids and Adults, voted “Best Dentist in Santa Clarita,” Dr. Dorfman writes articles on dental technology, hosts a podcast for dentists, and regularly speaks at national dental conferences and events.
More recently, when the pandemic lockdowns went into effect, Dr. Dorfman began teaching other dentists how to hold teledentistry sessions, so they could continue triaging patients from home. At the same time, however, the shutdown exposed a few technology challenges in her own practice that also needed triaging.

A phone system unfit for a thriving practice’s operations

When Dr. Dorfman founded Dentistry for Kids and Adults 18 years ago, she set up the office’s communications the way every dentist does it. “I called the phone company and ordered some lines,” she says. That worked fine at first. But as the practice took on an increasing number of patients, and additional dentists, hygienists, coordinators, and dental assistants joined the team, Dentistry for Kids and Adults needed a more sophisticated communications solution.
Although the dental team managed to make do with their legacy phone system, the COVID-19 lockdowns forced the practice to quickly search for a communications solution that could work from anywhere.
“At the beginning of the lockdowns, I had an employee go into the office just to take and make patient calls, because that was the only way to do it with our old phone system,” Dr. Dorfman explains. And when the practice unexpectedly received an enormous phone bill that went up 3 times their normal billing—which the telecom provider simply said was “due to the pandemic” when she called their customer service department—Dr. Dorfman decided that when their contract expired in April, 2020 it was time to find a new solution.

RingCentral helps the practice run smoothly—in normal times or a pandemic

When Dentistry for Kids and Adults switched to RingCentral’s all-in-one cloud solution, the entire staff had the ability to communicate with patients and each other—and in whichever format they needed—from anywhere. This was the ideal solution to help the practice and its patients through the pandemic.
My billing coordinator had to isolate for two weeks, because her mon got sick,” says Dr. Dorfman. “But from a productivity standpoint, that wasn’t a problem at all. She downloaded the RingCentral app and was able to make calls to insurance companies on our business number, right from her computer at home. She was even able to send and receive faxes digitally, also right from the RingCentral app.”
But perhaps the most significant benefit RingCentral provided for the practice during the pandemic was the built-in video conferencing with RingCentral Video. “Teledentistry makes all the difference in a situation like a quarantine,” says Dr. Dorfman. “It makes the appointment a lot easier for the patient, because you can connect with them face-to-face. It’s also great for triaging and pre-qualifying patients before deciding whether they need to come in for emergency care.”
Additionally, from a regulatory standpoint, the ability to meet with a patient by video—versus a standard phone call—is essential if a dentist needs to prescribe medicine. “You need to see the patient—not just hear their voice, but see their face as well,” she explains. “So having RingCentral Video for teledentistry during that two-month shutdown period really helped us care for patients in a way we couldn’t have otherwise.”

Even more benefits: integrating with a paperless dentistry app

Yet another benefit RingCentral provided was its integration with YAPI, the patient engagement software that the practice uses to digitize patient forms, send automated appointment reminders, and to help the front-office staff put a face to the name whenever a patient calls.
“YAPI and RingCentral work together,” says Ken Lukach, Practice Manager at Dentistry for Kids and Adults. “When a patient calls our office, YAPI finds all actionable information about that patient and pops it up on the screen. This way, even before they pick up the phone, our staff can be ready with relevant information… an upcoming appointment, a family member due for a checkup, an outstanding bill, or even a birthday.”
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