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How one of America’s largest staffing firms unlocked enormous productivity by integrating RingCentral and Salesforce
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Transitioning from our old telephony system to RingCentral proved to be one of the best technology decisions our company has made in recent memory.

Fred Jeffrey

Chief Information Officer

Placing healthcare professionals with the organizations that need them most

Since 1983, MedPro Healthcare Staffing has been placing nurses, and allied health professionals on assignments with healthcare organizations throughout the United States.
The company has become so successful at matching high-quality professionals with its healthcare clients that in 2020, Staffing Industry Analysts named MedPro on its annual list of Largest Staffing Firms in the US.
But with a business model dependent on recruiting job candidates from across the country and around the world—largely by phone—MedPro decided it was time to upgrade to a more reliable and feature-rich global telephony solution.
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Discovering all cloud-communication solutions are not created equal

Although MedPro had already migrated to a cloud-based telephony solution several years earlier, the company’s staff was increasingly finding shortcomings with their communication capabilities.
Shawna Georges, Senior Technical Services Manager, explains that MedPro’s phone system was particularly underperforming when it came to international calls. That created serious challenges, because MedPro has offices in the Philippines and the company recruits healthcare professionals all over the world for US assignments. In fact, MedPro has placed more foreign-educated healthcare professionals into the US healthcare system than any other US staffing company.
“The phone system became very error-prone with international calls, which both our recruiting staff and other departments make regularly as part of their daily workflows,” Shawna explains. “And we didn’t have reliable support from our telephony vendor, so resolving those issues often  took time.”
A related challenge was the inefficiency created by recruiters dialing numbers throughout the day. “When a recruiter calls dozens of candidates in various countries, each small manual task—finding the phone number, then dialing manually, starting with country code—adds up to a lot of wasted time in a day,” says Shawna. “Multiply that by our more than 50 recruiters, and you can see this was leading to a lot of inefficiency across our company.”
As MedPro’s Fred Jeffrey, Chief Information Officer explains: “Our phone system was based in the cloud, but we weren’t seeing many of the benefits we had hoped to gain from a cloud communications solution.”

The RingCentral-Salesforce integration leads to massive efficiencies

When they migrated to RingEX, MedPro finally had a truly global communications solution. One benefit the company discovered right away was that its staff worldwide—in both the Florida headquarters and the Philippines office—were now all on a unified telephony environment and could connect internationally by simply dialing a colleague’s extension.
But the operational improvement that had the biggest impact on the company, Shawna notes, was the RingCentral integration into MedPro’s Salesforce environment. “When we integrated RingCentral with Salesforce, our recruiters could now skip those manual steps in reaching out to candidates—and use the click-to-dial feature right in each candidate’s Salesforce profile.”
And, Shawna adds, streamlined phone calls are not the only way MedPro’s staff is improving their workflows by having their communications solution embedded into Salesforce.

Finding additional workflow improvements with RingCentral Video

Although the company switched to RingCentral to improve its telephony capabilities and reliability, MedPro discovered unexpected benefits when the staff began using the built-in video conferencing solution.
Shawna notes, for example, that the recruiting staff can have more productive, face-to-face interviews with candidates using video. “Our recruiters really appreciate the ability to meet with a new candidate using RingCentral Video,” she says. “That face-to-face connection helps them build rapport a lot more quickly than if they were just two voices on a phone call.”
Fred explains that the company is now using RingCentral Video for team meetings, one-on-one brainstorming sessions, and even the IT department’s daily standup meeting. And since the staff has returned to the office after the COVID lockdowns, Fred points out, RingCentral Video is playing a more valuable role for the company than ever.
“With the spikes in COVID in recent months, we have tried to be as cautious as possible for our employees,” Fred says. “We want our teams back in the office, but we’re committed to keeping them safe. RingCentral Video is a great tool because it lets us achieve both goals. We can have people working in the same building together, but also let them meet digitally, rather than occupying a packed conference room.”
Because our business succeeds largely on the strength of the relationships our recruiters can build with healthcare professionals, we’re always looking for ways to reduce the manual steps in their workflows—so they can focus on nurturing those relationships. The RingCentral for Salesforce integration has been a key part of that. It’s a real game-changer for us.

Shawna Georges

Senior Technical Services Manager