The World’s Leading Audio-Branding Agency Improves its Clients’ Experience with RingCentral
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We have clients in dozens of countries and staff worldwide. Before RingCentral, telephony was an obstacle to our expansion. Now that we have a global cloud phone solution, we have a strategic advantage both today, being able to easily connect with clients anywhere, and for the future, because RingCentral makes it easy to spin up communications in any part of the world we enter.

Chris Berisford

Finance Director

Providing the sounds that make the world’s leading brands sing

Smart organisations know that when it comes to shaping customers’ perceptions of their business, what customers hear is at least as important as anything the company shows them. That’s why many of the world’s most iconic brands—including Coca-Cola, Audi, Samsung, Jaguar, and LVMH—turn to PHMG to create unique, brand-enhancing audio touchpoints to connect with their customers.
PHMG is the world’s leading audio branding agency. The company develops custom content for each leg of a customer’s telephony journey when interacting with a business—from auto attendants to on-hold messages to business voicemail recordings. PHMG brings together world-class copywriters, award-winning music producers, and other highly talented creatives to develop a brand-specific audio experience for each of the company’s 40,000 clients worldwide.

The audio branding firm needed a highly reliable phone solution

Cloud Communications Manager Anthony Finn explains that PHMG’s on-prem phone systems were increasingly falling short of expectations and the company’s operational needs—particularly in terms of reliability and the ability to route callers to the right regional office around the world.
“Telephony is our business, both in terms of how we connect with our clients and prospects, and in the sense that the products we produce are custom audio contents for our clients’ telephony environments. We just couldn’t continue supporting a phone system that wasn’t stable, reliable, and continually providing us extremely high call quality.”
Chris Berisford, PHMG’s Finance Director, offers another key reason the company turned to a global cloud telephony solution.
“In recent years, we saw many of our clients move their own phone infrastructures from on-prem to the cloud. We realised PHMG needed to do the same to ensure we were familiarising ourselves with the cloud telephony experiences that our clients were providing to their customers—so our creative teams would better understand how to optimise those experiences with the content they were creating.”
We serve 40,000 business clients all over the world, and our primary touchpoint is by phone. That’s hundreds of thousands of inbound and outbound calls running through our organisation every month. Thanks to RingCentral’s experience, global infrastructure, and 99.999% uptime, we can manage our massive telephony operation with confidence and peace of mind.

Anthony Finn

Cloud Communications Manager
Manchester, United Kingdom

RingCentral delivers enormous operational advantages

As the technology team rolled out RingCentral’s cloud phone system to the company’s offices in the United Kingdom, North America, and Australia, PHMG’s discovered numerous ways to leverage the anywhere, any-device telephony platform to improve operations.
“One huge advantage we found with RingCentral was that we finally had true remote-work capability,” says Chris. “Our staff can now make and receive work calls from home, on their laptops or smartphones, just as easily as if they were in the office.”
Anthony adds: “For a company whose workforce had been almost entirely reporting to one of our offices five days a week before the pandemic, RingCentral was an obvious blessing in helping us stay productive through the lockdowns.”
In fact, Chris notes, PHMG is using RingCentral’s global telephony capabilities to do more than simply stay productive. “Because we can now support talent working for us remotely from anywhere, RingCentral has effectively opened up our talent pool to the entire world. Also, because we know we have the support of a global telephony company, RingCentral is also helping us expand more easily than ever into new geographic regions.

Delivering an outstanding client experience

Among PHMG’s most active RingCentral users are the company’s Customer Care agents, who collectively take thousands of calls every day from the organisation’s clients around the world. As Chris points out, the department’s managers are using RingCentral to streamline these agents’ workflows to improve performance.
“With RingCentral, our Customer Care managers now have an intuitive admin dashboard they can use to set up call flows and call queues exactly how they want—and easily make adjustments when needed to continually deliver a better experience for callers.”
Anthony points out that both the Customer Care department and PHMG’s global sales team are also finding tremendous value in RingCentral’s Call Recording feature.
“Our Customer Care managers use the recordings for training agents and providing ongoing coaching. Our sales teams also use call recording to capture snapshots of our clients’ various phone touchpoints—like their automated greeting or their on-hold music—and then present those side-by-side with comparable we’ve developed, like a before-and-after. It’s a very compelling sales strategy.”

Deepening their relationship with RingCentral

PHMG has been so impressed with RingCentral’s cloud phone capabilities, in fact, that the company has partnered with RingCentral to build an integration connecting the two solutions.
The RingCentral for PHMG integration enables RingCentral’s customers to add audio touchpoints to their telephony environment developed by PHMG’s world-class producers and writers—the same creative teams responsible for the telephony experiences offered today by such globally respected brands as Hilton, Adidas, Continental, and Hallmark.
Even above all the new features and capabilities RingCentral’s solution has meant for our organisation, we’re grateful for the partnership. RingCentral has already proven itself capable of helping PHMG scale as much and as quickly as we need—and supporting our expansion anywhere in the world where we find an opportunity.

Chris Berisford

Finance Director