Corporate Payroll Services

Corporate Payroll Services adopts RingCentral for its wide range of functionality
Corporate Payroll Services
Having all that in one solution is what ultimately sold me on RingCentral.

Don Klayman

IT Director, Corporate Payroll Services
With offices in five US cities, Corporate Payroll Services provides comprehensive payroll processing services to more than 6,000 small- to medium-size companies. “We offer payroll processing, reporting, and tax filing, at a price that’s about 40% lower than other providers,” explains Don Klayman, the company’s IT Director. “Our clients range from one-man shops to multi-location companies, and we seek to provide exceptional customer service to them all.” IT plays an important role at Corporate Payroll Services. The company has its own datacenter and develops much of its own software. When Klayman became IT Director, he made disaster recovery a top priority. A critical component of that effort was ensuring the availability of the company’s phone system, which Klayman says had “become outdated and did not have the reliability and functionality to provide the level of support we wanted to offer our clients.” Another issue he faced was the ongoing need for fax capability, along with its related cost. “About 30% of our customers enter their payroll data themselves, using our website,” explains Klayman. “But the majority of our customers submit their payroll to our client services team via email, phone, and fax. And with fax line costs averaging $1,700 per month, we wanted a more cost-effective solution to handle faxes.”

RingCentral is more than phones

Concerns about the reliability and capabilities of the existing phone system, along with the desire to eliminate fax line costs, led Klayman to RingCentral, which he chose after evaluating a number of other unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solutions. His main reason for selecting RingCentral was the wide range of integrated functionality it offered.

For example, in addition to phone and fax capabilities, RingCentral includes RingCentral Meetings™. This was attractive to Klayman because it would let Corporate Payroll consolidate onto one conferencing and computer remote control solution instead of the three different applications the company was using at the time. With RingCentral, he would also get Glip for collaboration, support for mobile phones with RingCentral Mobile®, and an API that the software development team could use to customize the communications system. “Having all that in one solution is what ultimately sold me on RingCentral,” Klayman says.

Klayman also valued the fact that RingCentral was a pure cloud solution. “Everyone wants to sell you hardware or WAN connections,” he notes. “We have our VPN, our firewalls, and so on, and we wanted to work within that framework, which RingCentral does. We have not had to adjust any of our switches or packet sizes, or found any other issues to date.”
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Improvements across the company

Since deploying RingCentral, Klayman rests easier knowing the phone system will be available even in the event of a serious disaster. Last winter, one of its branch offices was flooded by a burst pipe in the office suite above it.  Rather than having to contact their phone provider, which could have taken up to an hour to redirect client calls to its other offices, Klayman says with RingCentral it took less than a minute to redirect the calls. Phone quality is better now, too, compared to the previous phone system.

In Klayman’s opinion, the second most important improvement related to RingCentral is the online conferencing and remote control made possible by Meetings. These functions are used often at Corporate Payroll. For example, the company operates “CPS University,” a series of internal training classes for employees, covering best practices, tax compliance, regulatory updates, and industry standards. These classes are delivered to employees using Meetings. Additionally, remote control is frequently utilized by customer support to help clients learn to submit payroll. And RingCentral Meetings allowed Corporate Payroll Services to standardize on one remote meeting platform, replacing the two or three other solutions used by different departments throughout the company.

As a software developer, Klayman began taking advantage of the RingCentral API right away. He used it to port some of the customizations that were in the previous phone system over to RingCentral, such as RingOuts after validating a phone number from a database. And he is excited about future possible uses, including capturing payroll records and linking them to the company’s in-house software and CRM.

Klayman and his team are just beginning to use Glip, but are excited about the prospects. They have realized a 50% to 70% decrease in the use of email as a collaboration tool since adopting Glip.  Klayman noted that his team is more productive with Glip. “It lets us collaborate when the time is right, rather than having to set up a specific time for a conference.”
We have our VPN, our firewalls, and so on, and we wanted to work within that framework, which RingCentral does. We have not had to adjust any of our switches or packet sizes, or found any other issues to date.

Don Klayman

IT Director, Corporate Payroll Services

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