RingSense AI for RingEX™

Simplify work
with a personal
AI assistant

Make interactions smarter with real-time call notes, personalized conversation insights, and AI writing and translation for messages.
RingSense AI for RingEX is currently in early access preview.

A smarter way to work with RingSense AI for RingEX

Automated note taking for calls with detailed precision

Free up time from manual note taking and let RingSense AI automatically summarize and transcribe for you. It captures key decisions and outlines action items in real-time, giving you a personal AI helper that organizes the fine details of your calls.
An active Smart Notes feature of RingSense AI in an ongoing phone call within the RingCentral Desktop app

Conversation intelligence

Get up to speed on historical calls with distilled summaries, highlights and more. RingSense AI’s rich analysis identifies trends that improve employee and customer interactions. Benefit from high-level snapshots or go in-depth with detailed intelligence that spans user talk times and sentiment analysis.
The Smart Notes feature of RingCentral's RingSense AI

Generative AI search

Make searching through links a thing of the past. RingSense AI provides conversational, succinct responses with detailed accuracy. Pulls historical and real-time insights - even while in the middle of a conversation - across calls, messages and video meetings.
Coming soon to early access preview.
The Generative AI search feature of RingSense showing the contact information of Jim Tracey

Craft AI writer & translator for messaging

AI writer & translator for messaging. Craft articulate and contextually aware messages with a few simple commands. RingSense AI can edit and polish up messages or create messages from scratch with prompts, and accurately translate messages in Chinese, French, English, Spanish, and German.
Coming soon to early access preview.
The Smart Composer feature of RingCentral's RingSense AI with a recommended reply

Do more than ever before with RingSense AI

Watch how RingSense AI works its magic across your business calls

Play Video: A woman receives a RingCentral analytics report on her mobile phone
Play Video: A woman receives a RingCentral analytics report on her mobile phone

Built on the world’s most advanced business phone system

AI for a broad spectrum of calling use cases

RingSense AI is available without any training or set-up; fully integrated into RingCentral's wide range of calling use cases in our award-winning RingEX business communication app.

Globally reliable with trusted security

With over five years of 99.999% uptime and available in 46 countries, the RingCentral platform is built on trust, with globally recognized security and privacy 3rd party certifications.

Applicable across diverse roles

RingSense AI is applicable to an array of business roles, facilitating interactions and collaboration across customer-facing, partner, and internal communications channels.

AI infused in every step along the way

RingSense AI is available throughout RingCentral’s award-winning cloud communications platform
Call recap generated by RingSense's Smart Notes feature on a mobile phone screen


Improve customer experiences with a modern AI-first omnichannel contact center.
An ongoing video conference by a team using the RingCentral Desktop app installed on a laptop

Phone, Message and Video

Unify business calls, SMS, fax and more in a single, intuitive app - powered by RingSense AI - across all your devices.
The RingCentral Desktop app displayed on a monitor screen

For Sales

RingSense AI-powered conversation intelligence for sales leaders, teams, managers, account executives and more.

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