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Boosting Sales by Integrating a Conversation-Intelligence App into RingCentral’s Open API Platform
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In just the first month, being able to leverage these learnings to create a successful call structure and coach that framework led to a 10% increase in close rates across our sales staff.

Paul Snelson

Vice President of Sales, TouchBistro
Still less than 10 years old, TouchBistro has already become an award-winning point of sale (POS) system, earning the title of “Best POS for Restaurants” three years in a row by Business News Daily. TouchBistro has powered over 15,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries worldwide and garnered numerous awards for its technology, people, and culture.
One of Canada’s fastest-growing tech companies, TouchBistro has expanded around the world, adding offices in New York City, Austin, Chicago, London, Bogota, and Mexico City. To support its rapidly growing organization, TouchBistro needed a phone system that offered reliability, scalability, and some very specific features.
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Sharing sales best practices companywide

“We’re bringing on new people, particularly sales reps, all the time,” says Paul Snelson, TouchBistro’s Vice President of Sales. “And we’re setting them up in new locations, not only in Canada where we’re headquartered but also across the US and even in the UK.”
“The challenge was to identify the specific strategies and tactics our best reps were using to close sales, and then communicate those learnings to the rest of the sales organization.” That meant TouchBistro would need a phone solution that allowed them to record their reps’ calls and easily integrate with the right conversation-intelligence solution.
With those big demands in mind, the TouchBistro team researched phone systems and determined that RingCentral best met their needs.

The best solution for staff productivity and visibility into sales best practices

With RingEX™, TouchBistro was able to quickly and easily deploy a mobile-friendly cloud phone system to all of the company’s 300+ employees around the world. “It just works, seamlessly,” says Snelson.
But the team really cheered when they discovered how much their phone solution was helping them boost sales.
“We turned on the call recording feature and started recording our reps’ sales calls,” Snelson explains. “Then we used RingCentral’s open API platform to connect our call database to, our conversation analytics tool, to help us identify the patterns and strategies among our top salespeople that were leading to more sales.”
Snelson and his team fed the large volume of data recorded and stored by their RingCentral solution (literally hundreds of thousands of communications) into That app then analyzed the content of calls representing each stage of the sales cycle and identified the structures and substance of the calls that were successful versus those that weren’t.
“In 2018, we were able to record and analyze 155,000 calls, 189,000 emails, and 66,000 text messages thanks to RingCentral,” he explains. “Our conversation-intelligence solution then let us identify patterns within these communications—such as the structures of sales calls that led to a win versus those ending in a non-decision. The most striking difference was the order in which the reps presented our software, hardware, and services during their Solution Presentation.”
From these learnings, Snelson and his team developed a set of best practices they could share with all of the company’s reps, and even used this new success framework in their one-on-one coaching.
“Gathering this sales intelligence was a game changer for us, and we couldn’t have done it without RingCentral.”
But our biggest win has been getting our struggling reps up to plan insanely quick.

Paul Snelson

Vice President of Sales, TouchBistro

Tremendous benefits of deploying RingCentral

“Because we were able to use RingCentral’s API platform to connect our sales calls to our conversation-intelligence solution, we saw a significant increase in sales and other important metrics.”
“In just the first month, being able to leverage these learnings to create a successful call structure and coach that framework led to a 10% increase in close rates across our sales staff. We also saw a boost in lead-to-opportunity rates of 12%.”
“But our biggest win,” Snelson adds, “has been getting our struggling reps up to plan insanely quick.”