IrisVision creates a world-class customer experience—and boosts sales 12%—with RingCentral
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People call IrisVision looking for a solution to vision challenges for themselves or loved ones. Those can be stressful calls, so our priority is to create the best customer experience possible. The mobility, reliability, and call quality we get from RingCentral allow us to do just that.

Khayyam Jafri

Content Marketing Manager

Giving low-vision patients the gift of better sight

Loss of vision is one of the most terrifying life changes a person can experience. Becoming vision-impaired can mean losing independence, the ability to safely perform daily tasks, and—perhaps most devastating—the ability to see the faces of the people we care about. But thanks to the groundbreaking work of IrisVision, people suffering from a wide range of vision impairments are now able to regain functional sight—and their independence.
In collaboration with the world’s top ophthalmology centers, including Johns Hopkins University and Stanford University, IrisVision has developed a wearable headset and artificial-intelligence-driven software to help low-vision patients leverage the functioning parts of their eyes to improve their overall vision.
What makes IrisVision’s solution so powerful is that the built-in AI adjusts to a person’s specific impairment—glaucoma, optic atrophy, macular degeneration, etc.—and delivers whatever vision aid that condition calls for, whether it’s an enhanced field of view, decreasing brightness, or magnification.
IrisVision’s technology has proven so effective that although its solutions hit the market only in 2017, the company is already changing the lives of low-vision patients throughout the US. IrisVision has also earned numerous accolades, including spots on the Fast Company World Changing Ideas and Forbes Next 100 lists and the Inc. 5000 list of California’s Fastest Growing Private Companies.
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Using RingCentral to create an outstanding customer experience

Khayyam Jafri, IrisVision’s Content Marketing Manager, explains that the main catalyst behind the company’s decision to roll out RingCentral was wanting to deliver the best possible communications experience to every customer.
“If someone calls our in-house sales team hoping to find a way to improve a loved-one’s vision, or an existing user of an IrisVision Inspire headset calls our support team for help operating the system, that call is extremely important to that person—so it’s extremely important to us,” Khayyam explains.
“We need to make sure our callers can reach the right person, even if that person happens to be away from their desk, and that the call quality is outstanding. RingCentral delivers those benefits to our team without fail, which allows us to deliver on our promise to provide world-class customer service.”

Improving workflows across the organization

As Khayyam points out, the RingCentral cloud phone solution is helping IrisVision improve its sales and support operations in numerous ways—all of which help enhance the customer experience.
“One benefit that our staff, our customers, and our partners greatly appreciate is the ability to send and receive SMS texts on our business phone numbers,” he says. “Many of our reseller partners and customers prefer communicating by text, and now our team can easily provide that option because we have texting capability built right into the RingCentral apps on everyone’s laptops and mobile phones.”
Another significant operational improvement, Khayyam explains, is the ability to integrate detailed customer and partner information into the company’s telephony environment using the RingCentral for Salesforce integration.
Our in-house sales team gets a lot of benefit from the RingCentral for Salesforce integration because the screen pops show the customer or reseller’s full profile and history with our company. That helps to make those conversations more efficient and productive, and it’s one of the reasons we’ve seen a 12% uptick in sales with RingCentral.

Khayyam Jafri

Content Marketing Manager

Benefiting from RingCentral’s Customer Service Essentials Bundle

Because IrisVision is so customer-experience focused, Khayyam adds, the company chose to leverage RingCentral’s newest offer to small businesses, the Customer Service Essentials (CSE), which offers special pricing for the unified communications solution RingEX (Message, Video, Phone) combined with RingCentral’s Live Reports.
“Bringing these two RingCentral products together was exactly what a customer-centric organization like IrisVision needed,” Khayyam says.
The RingCentral CSE Bundle gives us an affordable telephony platform that lets us deliver an outstanding experience, with customer-focused tools like built-in SMS texting. And the same time, it gives our management team the performance-monitoring capabilities—with Live Reports—that have helped increase our agent productivity by 35%.

Khayyam Jafri

Content Marketing Manager

Using RingCentral reports to continually improve the customer experience

As Khayyam explains, IrisVision’s sales and support managers leverage RingCentral’s reporting and analytics engines to monitor representative performance, gain visibility into areas that need improving, and continually enhance the caller experience.
“RingCentral makes it easy to monitor all aspects of our telephony environment, track average call-answer times and times to respond to inquiries, and generally watch out for areas of the customer experience we can be improving. Our sales and customer support departments are finding this business intelligence to be invaluable for helping us consistently making our caller experience better.”
RingCentral has made it easier for a caller to connect with the right person at our company, quickly get the answers they need, and have a better, less-stressful phone experience than if we were using an outdated telephony system. And because the customer experience is our top priority, I don’t know what more we could ask of RingCentral.

Khayyam Jafri

Content Marketing Manager

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