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Get the leading all-in-one solution or just what you need.
Fax Fax from any device connected to the internet.
Professional Inbound call management and toll-free numbers.
RingCentral App Easy and fast account access from anywhere.
RingCentral App Easy and fast account access from anywhere.
Get the leading all-in-one solution or just what you need.
Drive team productivity
Get the leading all-in-one solution or just what you need.
The all-in-one solution built for every business.
TRUSTe Employees Gain Control, Save Time with RingCentral
Needed a phone solution that would work easily on day one, scale easily later.
Cloud-based RingCentral enabled easy office expansion and frictionless growth.
Continuing to benefit from RingCentral’s ease of use and cost-effectiveness.
ADD QUOTE FOR HERO SECTION HERE OR DELETE THIS QUOTE SECTION (TOGGLER V3 START for QUOTE) - “Lawyers don’t have to be ‘unreachable’ anymore when they’re in court or on the road, and they no longer have to give out their personal mobile numbers.”
Jason Thomas
Chief Information Officer, Cole, Scott & Kissane, P.A.
Company profile
Company profile:
Leading online privacy provider, helping businesses build trust and increase engagement across their online channels.
Year founded:
100+ employees
San Francisco, CA

Headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami, TRUSTe helps businesses build consumer trust and increase engagement across their online properties. Providing greater company transparency regarding online privacy policies, TRUSTe’s privacy

framework is used by industry leaders including Apple, AT&T, Disney, eBay, HP, Microsoft, Nationwide, and Yelp. Having certified over 4,000 websites, TRUSTe is recognized and trusted by millions of consumers nationwide.

Moving offices—the search for a hosted phone system

When a company moves to a new location, it has the opportunity to start fresh. Moving to new offices, TRUSTe decided to explore the benefits of adopting a hosted phone system and do away with its old ESI on-premise phone system otherwise known as a PBX. In particular, the company wanted a solution with a self serve portal that empowered

employees to configure their own phone preferences without relying on IT involvement. After researching several vendors and examining the specific features offered by each, TRUSTe recognized RingCentral’s cloud-based business phone system as a top option.

A lasting impression – trial run turns into full roll out

Agreeing to a trial run using RingCentral, TRUSTe conducted an initial test using just 12 lines, beginning in June 2011. Even though TRUSTe planned to evaluate several vendors before making a final decision, the RingCentral test was such an overwhelming success that not only did the

company decide against testing additional vendors, it promptly rolled out RingCentral across the entire organization with over 100 lines. Providing users with the ability to manage individual preferences quickly and easily from a smartphone or laptop at a reasonable cost made RingCentral the best choice.

RingCentral—smooth and safe transition

After deciding to go with RingCentral, the onboarding process went easily with the help of RingCentral’s dedicated implementation team. The most impressive aspect of the transition was the speed with which it was done. Benoit said, “As it got into the ninth hour, we needed the phone numbers moved over by January 6th or we were dead in the water. The (RingCentral) porting team was super responsive and knowledgeable. It really went smoothly, and saved us.”

As a standard benefit, the RingCentral implementation team not only transferred over all of the phone numbers, but also set up voicemail preferences and answering rules. “The team was extremely responsible throughout the entire transition,” said Benoit.

Mobile app, ease of use – increases efficiency, saves time

Capabilities such as RingCentral’s easy-to-use mobile app for smartphones and tablets were initially thought of as just added bonuses. But with over 25 percent of the TRUSTe workforce working in the field, employees have come to heavily rely on the mobile app.

According to IT Manager Matt Benoit, RingCentral has positively impacted the TRUSTe workforce across the board. With its overall ease of use, increased functionality and the ability to manage the phone system and preferences anywhere, anytime, Benoit estimates that TRUSTe has experienced a 50 percent time savings compared to its old on-premise system.

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