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Guardant Health Improves Key Client Service Metrics with RingCentral Contact Center
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RingCentral Contact Center lets us make our client services operation work exactly as we need it to — from skills-based routing, to creating granular status options for our agents, to letting clients choose a callback instead of wait on hold, to allowing our management team monitor all aspects of agent performance.

Jamie Geary

Client Services Manager

Helping patients with cancer live longer and healthier lives

In the field of cancer testing and care, few organizations in the world are making a more positive impact than Guardant Health. The first company to earn FDA approval for a liquid biopsy test for comprehensive genomic profiling, Guardant Health has become the trusted blood-testing resource for more than 12,000 ordering physicians globally.
Today, Guardant Health is one of the world’s leading precision oncology companies, publicly traded on the NASDAQ under the stock symbol GH.
Palo Alto, CA

Because every call about cancer is mission-critical

Jamie Geary, Client Services Manager for Guardant Health, explains that prior to RingCentral Contact Center, her team of more than 50 client services agents was using another call center solution connected to a different telephony platform. Both of these solutions, she explains, were creating increasing levels of frustration across her department.
“Calls were dropping, and call quality was often poor as well — poor enough that our agents and even some clients noticed,” Jamie explains. “We also couldn’t rely on the system’s reports, because we wouldn’t know if the data was telling us that an agent was underperforming or that the issue was the phone system itself. What made this even more frustrating was that neither the call center provider nor the phone vendor were particularly responsive to our support requests.”
Jim Fotheringham, Guardant Health’s Network Engineer, adds that while the company recognized migrating to RingCentral would lead to many operational benefits — improved reporting, mobility, support, etc. — the real impetus to switch was the urgent matter of system reliability.
“Calls into our client services team are often patients or their care teams asking about their test results,” says Jim. “Those calls are just too important to entrust to an unreliable phone system.”

Improving operations well beyond enhanced reliability

Once the client services department had resolved its reliability issues by deploying RingCentral Contact Center to all of its dozens of geographically distributed agents, Jamie explains that her team quickly turned their attention to leveraging the platform’s functionality to create operational improvements.
“Because RingCentral’s IVR is so flexible and customizable, we were able to easily set up extensions and skills to direct callers to exactly the right people on the first try. We were also able to quickly build an escalation pathway for certain calls, something our team had been asking for.”
One valuable new operation that Jamie’s team built into their RingCentral Contact Center solution was a process to connect Guardant Health’s field sales representatives to a subject-matter expert who could help with their specific need. “Now, instead of our field reps calling into our main number and waiting on hold for the next agent available, the RingCentral skills-based routing lets us direct them to the agent in their geographic area who will have the answers they’re looking for.”
As Jamie also notes, she and her managers use RingCentral’s reporting engine to monitor agent performance in detail and pull exactly the data and reports they need. The numbers, she says, clearly indicate that the client services operation has become more efficient — and the client experience has measurably improved as well.
When we rolled out RingCentral Contact Center earlier this year, our service levels were in the 70% range. A few months later, they were up to the low 90s. The story is the same for average time to answer — cut in half with RingCentral. Voicemails, also cut in half. On every metric we track, we’re seeing our agents becoming more efficient and productive and our client experience getting better.

Jamie Geary

Client Services Manager

Adding more value by integrating RingCentral into Salesforce

Jim also points out that RingCentral for Salesforce provides a much more seamless experience than the integration Guardant Health’s client services team had with their previous call center solution.
“Our agents are in Salesforce all the time, and the RingCentral integration makes it much easier than our old call center platform, which often had glitches and disconnected calls. The RingCentral integration is also much more reliable for things like recording and storing calls, which is a must-have capability in our industry.”
We needed a lot from RingCentral Contact Center, and both the solution and the team behind it have definitely met all of those needs: improving our clients’ experience, increasing our teams’ productivity, and giving us all peace of mind that we now have a communications solution we and our clients can depend on.

Jim Fotheringham

Network Engineer