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Helping our clients achieve a better financial future means everything to us at Dispute Nation. And because we have a complete phone solution that lets us stay in contact from anywhere, using whichever communication format the situation calls for, we’re in a much better position to help the people who count on us every day.

Geovanna Arias

Office Manager
Having a poor credit history can lead to all sorts of life-limiting challenges—including paying higher rates for loans, outright rejections from some lenders, and even losing out on housing and employment opportunities. One reason millions of people fall into credit troubles—despite how negatively it can impact their lives—is that they haven’t been taught about the basics of credit or their rights as consumers. That’s where Dispute Nation comes in.
A fast-growing consumer advocacy organization, Dispute Nation has helped people all over the US improve their credit. Often the problem holding down an individual’s score is simply an error, or several errors, on their credit report. A 2021 Consumer Reports study, for example, found that more than a third of consumers’ credit reports contain mistakes.
One of Dispute Nation’s key services is to review a client’s credit report, identify errors, gather data proving the mistakes, and send customized dispute notices to the credit bureaus and relevant businesses asserting the client’s legal right to have those errors removed promptly.
Although the company opened its doors only a few years ago, Dispute Nation has clearly tapped into an unmet and urgent need. Growing rapidly from its first days in operation, based on leads from Founder Ray Bueno’s popular YouTube channel, “Keeping it Real with Credit,” Dispute Nation has already advocated on behalf of thousands of individuals—helping them improve their credit scores and, as a result, improve their lives.
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Why only an all-in-one cloud solution would suffice

Geovanna Arias is the Office Manager for Dispute Nation and a founding member of the team. As she points out, because demand for the company’s services grew so quickly, so early, and because advocating for a client often requires many types of communication, a traditional phone infrastructure was never an option.
“The credit services we provide require frequent communication—with clients, the organizations they’ve done business with, the credit bureaus, our team members, and new prospects,” Geovanna says.
“Many of these interactions happen by phone, but often our clients prefer SMS texts or chats for brief communications. We also need to receive and send certain information by fax. And because the stakes are so high for our clients, we always need to be accessible no matter where we are. These are just some of the reasons RingCentral’s unified cloud solution made the most sense for us—and continues to make even more sense as Dispute Nation grows.”

Saving time and money with RingCentral

As Founder Ray Bueno explains, RingCentral’s built-in digital faxing also helps the company streamline an all-important process that benefits clients tremendously.
“The credit bureaus are legally obligated to investigate a dispute within 30 days of receiving the notice, but we need proof of when they receive it,” Ray says. “We used to do this with certified mail, but that cost us money and—more importantly—it took longer to open the investigation. With RingCentral’s digital faxing, we can now fax notices from anywhere, get proof of delivery immediately, save money on the certified letters, and get our clients’ cases resolved sooner.”
In fact, Ray notes, Dispute Nation has been able to streamline many of the team’s daily workflows with RingCentral.
One of the things I appreciate most about RingCentral is how many automations it has allowed us to create through integrations and APIs. We’ve sped our internal workflows with the Trello and Google Drive integrations. And we’ve improved our client service with RingCentral APIs into our CRM and our marketing automation app.

Ray Bueno

Founder and Owner

Leveraging the full RingCentral solution to improve operations

Geovanna explains that the Dispute Nation team has found several ways to operate more efficiently, and better serve clients, with the many tools in the RingCentral platform.
For example, she says, “The mobility we get with RingCentral has been invaluable for us. During the pandemic, our business never shut down because we were able to keep in touch with all of our staff, clients, and partners.”
The team, Geovanna adds, has also found significant benefits using RingCentral Video. “With the built-in video conferencing, we can make our meetings more interactive and connect with our clients and staff in a whole new way.”
In fact, Geovanna points out, RingCentral also helps keep Dispute Nation’s client information safe and on the right side of data privacy regulators.
Because of the type of industry that we’re in, it’s important for us to protect our client and corporate data. RingCentral offers bank-rate security for every conversation, giving us and our clients peace of mind.

Geovanna Arias

Office Manager

Helping more people

As Ray explains, all the individual benefits of using the RingCentral platform—the mobility, the automations, being able to use any type of business communication on any device—have actually helped Dispute Nation further its company mission.
I started this business to help people, through education and advocacy, to improve their financial futures. Because we have a solution that lets us communicate however, wherever, and whenever we need to, we’re able to operate more efficiently—which means we can serve more people. In that sense, RingCentral is helping Dispute Nation improve more lives.

Ray Bueno

Founder and Owner

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