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RingCentral App Easy and fast account access from anywhere.
Get the leading all-in-one solution or just what you need.
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Get the leading all-in-one solution or just what you need.
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Precise Leads Gets Precisely What It Needs from RingCentral APIs.
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Company profile
Company profile:
Precise Leads is an internet lead-generation platform that specializes in insurance leads delivered in real time to individual agents, regional agencies, and publicly held corporations.
Year founded:
New York, NY

Precise Leads lives and dies on the quality of data it can gather from consumers on the internet who are looking for new insurance, and the speed with which it can deliver those leads to insurance agencies or individual agents who subscribe to its service. The company expects no less from the cloud service providers it does business with, including RingCentral.

Prior to adopting RingCentral Office® in mid-2016, Precise Leads got its business phone service from a managed service provider that bases its

offering on the Broadsoft suite of telephony software. IT Manager, Frank Mendez, discovered one of the reasons it seemed so outdated was that the managed service provider was about seven versions behind on major releases of the software.

When he evaluated alternatives, Mendez liked the idea that RingCentral was a true cloud service that would deliver enhancements on an ongoing basis. In addition, he saw the RingCentral platform APIs as a way of getting more visibility into his company’s calls. “We didn’t really have that before,” he says.

Precise insights

The RingCentral APIs make it possible for Precise Leads to pull in call log data and filter it down to exactly what sales and service managers need to see, displayed in the custom management system Precise Leads uses to run its business. The custom reporting system took just three to four weeks to develop and move into production.

Precise Leads also automatically downloads call recordings and archives them for compliance and training purposes.

As of our interview in May 2017, the integration had been in production for eight months. Mendez’s team was just starting to focus on augmenting the reports’ basic tabular display of data with something more graphical and dynamic, with more use of JavaScript.

While the initial reports were not fancy, they immediately represented a big step forward. Previously, the company had some limited reporting and call recording for outbound calls, “but we didn’t have anything to handle an angry customer call because inbound calls were a mystery. This really helps us there,” Mendez says.

Now a manager can look up the call in time-stamped records and pull the recording for review. The recordings are also used for training purposes. “We can play a recording and say this person did an excellent job—that’s exactly how you’re supposed to conduct yourself on the phone,” Mendez says.

API equals access

Access to a rich API allows Mendez to treat RingCentral’s cloud service as an extension of the IT systems under his direct control, and that’s important to him. “For any system as intricate as RingCentral, you want to give developers as much granular control as possible,” he says.

For call reporting, Precise Leads downloads the most detailed version of the RingCentral call log. Mendez says, “We filter out what we don’t need and display what we do.”

Precisely the right information, that is.

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