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Using RingCentral’s Fax API to Automate Medical Records for Home Healthcare Agencies

Company profile
Company profile:
(auto)MATE™ is a leading provider of medical records automation solutions for home healthcare agencies. The company’s cloud-based platform eliminates the repetitive, manual tasks associated with running a home health agency and provides a full end-to-end solution for transmitting and receiving documents via fax.
Year founded:
Fewer than 10
Scottsdale, AZ

(auto)MATE Healthcare began as a home health agency, helping doctors manage the complicated details of overseeing in-home patient care. In addition to the complexities of coordinating nurses, physical therapists, medical social workers, and the other professionals that physicians send to patients’ homes, home healthcare agencies face another challenge inherent in the medical field: the inefficiency of document processing.

“People outside of healthcare have a hard time believing this,” says Joseph Wainwright, Co-Founder and Engineering Director of (auto)MATE,

“but most medical records are still sent by fax. So when we formed our company, we initially did what every other home healthcare agency does. We set up a desktop fax machine in the office and got a traditional fax line from the phone company.”

“The problems this 20th-century process created for our agency led us to RingCentral and inspired us to develop an automated solution that’s helping to transform our industry.”

Slowed down by paper-based faxing

A major component of a home health agency’s workload involves taking records completed by clinicians, creating custom cover pages for them to ensure they reach the right people, and then faxing them to doctors’ offices or other medical organizations.

“We were spending so much of our staff’s time manually reviewing records, preparing cover sheets, and then standing over the fax machine waiting for them to transmit,” Wainwright recalls. “Also, we were wasting lots of money on fax paper and ink. This antiquated technology was literally slowing our ability to grow the business.”

RingCentral’s electronic fax API opens up a whole new business

An (auto)MATE employee suggested the company switch to RingCentral’s digital fax solution, and that streamlined the company’s operations considerably.

“Processing, transmitting, storing, and securing medical records can consume a major portion of a home health agency’s time and resources,” Wainwright explains. “We learned firsthand when we moved to RingCentral’s electronic fax solution that one of the easiest ways an agency can realize huge gains in efficiency is just to streamline its fax processes.”

“That was our light bulb moment. If automating our medical records faxing could do this much for our business… slashing hours of repetitive work, improving our cash flow, freeing up resources, reducing overhead… then it could do the same for other health agencies.”

So Joseph led the effort at (auto)MATE to use the RingCentral Connect Platform™ for developers—specifically the electronic fax API—to build an innovative cloud-based solution for automating medical records management.

(auto)MATE Healthcare’s records automation (powered by RingCentral)

“We developed an end-to-end solution that retrieves records automatically each day from our customers’ electronic medical records (EMR) system,” Wainwright explains. “Our solution then sorts these records and identifies which types of documents they are, generates custom cover pages, prepares the documents for OCR scanning (to make them text-searchable), and then faxes them to doctors automatically.”

“This all happens within our platform, all without our customers needing to do any of the tedious, manual work of reviewing fax pages, handwriting a cover note, dialing a number on a fax machine, or filing the document after the fax has successfully transmitted. And we built this solution using RingCentral’s electronic fax API.”

“We’re now selling this technology to other home healthcare companies, and it’s helping them in so many ways,” Wainwright continues. “We’re saving them hours (in some cases, dozens of hours) every week

in repetitive and unproductive tasks like redialing busy fax numbers and filing paper faxes. Where our large customers might have needed a full day, maybe nine hours, to manually process 100 medical records faxes, our system is now doing it for them, automatically, in minutes.”

“We’re also helping them save money by getting rid of their fax machines and traditional fax lines from the telephone company. And because we use advanced encryption for faxes both in transit and at rest, we’re also making our customers’ patient records more secure and HIPAA compliant.”

“Basically, we’ve been able to use RingCentral’s fax technology and developer API to create an entirely new tech-driven business,” says Wainwright. “And we’re already starting to see the positive impact on the industry that we set out to create. We couldn’t have done this without RingCentral.”

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