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RingCentral affordable toll-free numbers and high-volume minute bundles help you reach more customers.

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RingCentral Toll-free Numbers

RingCentral offers a variety of toll-free numbers so customers can phone your business toll free. Choose the instantly recognizable 800 prefix or explore 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844 numbers. You can also create your own custom vanity phone number to reinforce your company branding. Vanity numbers often spell out words, such as 1-800-GREAT-BIZ, making them easier for you and your customers to remember. RingCentral toll-free numbers are competitively priced, so you can use them for all your business needs. Minute bundles range from 1,000-minute to 100,000-minute sets that will satisfy even the highest-volume users, with additional minutes always available for automatic purchase.

Benefits of toll-free numbers

Hassle-free transfers and affordable options

  • Seamlessly and quickly transfer your existing toll-free numbers from other providers to RingCentral.
  • All RingCentral toll-free numbers, from 800 numbers to vanity numbers, are very competitively priced, so you can have dedicated numbers for every business or marketing need. These numbers are available in every RingCentral Office® edition.
  • Toll-free minutes are offered in bundles, with sets that can accommodate every budget and smartly packaged to satisfy even the highest-volume users. Additional minutes are always available for immediate purchase if you exceed your bundle limit to reduce service interruptions.

Enhance your company’s visibility with custom vanity numbers

  • RingCentral offers custom vanity toll-free numbers. Create a unique phone number for your company from RingCentral's large inventory of available numbers.
  • Reinforce brand recognition with toll-free services, making it easier for prospects and customers to remember your company phone number.
  • Increase your marketing effectiveness by adding an easy-to-recall vanity number on billboards and online advertising.
  • Your vanity number can be used for both voice calls and faxing.

Deliver exceptional service

  • Gain national reach with toll-free numbers to instantly expand your business with little overhead.
  • Reduce sales barriers by offering toll-free service. A prospect or customer can place a toll-free call to your company from anywhere in North America without incurring toll charges.
  • Assign a dedicated toll-free number for the duration of a marketing campaign, so target customers can reach you more directly, and you can better track the success of your campaigns.
  • Never miss an important customer call. Calls to your toll-free numbers can be routed anywhere in the world at any time. When you’re traveling, you can set answering rules to send your calls to your smartphone, to any office location, or to several devices at the same time.

Toll-free numbers FAQs

Can I make international calls from my toll-free number?

  • Yes. You can make calls to anywhere in the world. You can also forward your calls to any international number.
  • However, callers located outside of North America cannot call you using toll-free numbers.

How does RingCentral charge toll-free minutes to my account?

  • Customers are never charged when using a toll-free number from anywhere in North America. The owner of the toll-free number bears the cost of the call.
  • Your RingCentral service plan bundles a set number of toll-free minutes in your RingCentral account. If you exceed your bundle limit, additional minutes can be purchased automatically. You can always change your bundle quantity to meet your business requirements.

Will I be charged if I use my toll-free number as my caller ID when making outgoing calls?

  • No. There's no charge when you choose to display your company name and phone number as your caller ID.

What if I already have a toll-free number I want to keep? Can I transfer it to my RingCentral account?

  • Yes. You can easily and seamlessly transfer a toll-free number you already own to your RingCentral account. RingCentral has provisioning relationships with many major telephony companies. As a RingCentral customer, you can go online and start the transfer yourself, or we can walk through the process together.

How can I get a vanity number?

  • You can search for an available toll-free vanity number from our large inventory of numbers. When you find the one you want, you can request it from RingCentral. There's a setup fee for each vanity number. For additional information about using vanity numbers, see the Vanity Numbers FAQs.

Can I keep my toll-free number if I leave RingCentral and change providers?

  • Yes. As long as you have paid for at least one month of RingCentral service, you can do a toll-free number transfer. To transfer your number away from RingCentral, you will need to have your new service provider initiate the number-porting process. Your RingCentral account must be active when the transfer request comes from your new provider.