Call Monitoring

Manage, train, and support your contact center's sales and support teams efficiently. Improve agent performance when supervisors can listen in, discreetly speak to staff, join, and commandeer calls in real-time.
An ongoing call monitoring session with a male agent using RingCentral

What is Call Monitoring?

As a supervisor of sales and support agents, you can better coach and train your staff with access to your teams' phone calls with prospects and customers. You can monitor calls in real time, whisper to your employees, enter conversations, and even take over calls. This function allows you to receive a real-time audio stream to listen in on a call. With call monitoring, a supervisor can monitor customer experience and provide feedback on an agent's performance. It works well with RingCentral desk phones that support Presence.
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Call Monitoring Software Features

When monitoring a call, you can adjust specific settings, interrupt it, or take it over. Here are some functions you can see in a call monitoring dashboard.


Turn your audio on or off.


Open the phone dialpad.


Turn call audio on or off.


Talk to the extension you’re monitoring. No one else on the call will hear you.


Enter the call so all parties can hear you.

Take over

Gain control of the call by disconnecting the extension you’re monitoring.

Automatic or On-Demand Call Recording

Get calls recorded with ease for quality monitoring.
The call monitoring features of the RingCentral app such as Mute/Unmute, Dialpad, Audio, Whisper, Barge, and Takeover

Benefits of Call Monitoring Software in Your Business

The call monitoring flowchart between the supervisor, the agent, and the customer

Valuable Training Tool

With call monitoring software, you can train your sales and support staff during live calls. Hear your agents speak with customers, leads, and clients from desk phones or RingCentral for Desktop. Hearing firsthand how sales and customer support teams relate to leads and clients is a valuable resource for evaluation and training.

Easy-to-Use Call Monitoring Dashboard

With a simple key command, you can call whisper directly to your representatives during active calls. The customer doesn't hear anything; only the agent is privy to on-the-fly directions and suggestions, constructive ideas, sales tips, references to information for aiding support on products, how-to instructions, and more.
The call monitoring dashboard of the RingCentral app
An active call monitoring session in the RingCentral app

Quality Call Center Monitoring

Call barge-in is another quick key command that empowers managers to jump into a call. The representative is still on the line, but the manager can speak to the employee and caller. When needed, it's an invaluable tool for steering conversations in the right direction—clarifying details, providing diplomacy during contentious situations, and sharing insights.

Maintain Customer Satisfaction

Being able to take over a call is a tactical advantage. Sometimes leadership is needed to manage either the next phase of a sales deal or a multifaceted support ticket. Managers can easily hop onto the call and relieve the sales or support agent to ensure that callers are satisfied with the contact center’s customer service.
A female agent given 4.5 stars by a customer

Why Choose RingCentral for Your Call Monitoring Software

Acquiring a call monitoring software can help you cope with the ever-changing customer demands and expectations and deliver a positive customer experience. Here's why you should choose RingCentral, your all-in-one unified communications platform
Unified communications features

RingCentral provides a wide range of features beyond being a contact center or a call center software. Aside from call monitoring and call recording, you can benefit from a complete roster of AI-powered business phone features, allowing you to tailor your business phone system for your sales teams, customer support teams, and the whole organization. From calls, messages, faxes, and even video conferences, the RingCentral app supports you to achieve customer satisfaction.

Sync your communication seamlessly beyond regular phone calls with a comprehensive unified communications platform fit for your business needs. It includes telephony, fax, video conferencing, team messaging, and advanced contact center features like omnichannel platforms and AI solutions.

Improved customer support

RingCentral can support up to 100 call monitoring groups per account. Maximize your customer service capability while ensuring quality monitoring using dashboard analytics and metrics from the app. 

Rest easy knowing that RingCentral offers 24/7 business continuity for your company. Our redundant distributed network allows you to stay open for business from anywhere. 

We can keep you connected with a 99.999% uptime SLA so you can extend the same level of availability to your clients.

Affordable and transparent pricing

Call monitoring is free for RingCentral Advanced and Ultra customers. Explore our plans and packages to find the perfect fit for your business requirements. You also have the flexibility to choose between monthly or annual payment options.

When you choose RingCentral, you can provide a positive customer experience and empower your workforce. Access intelligent phone solutions and robust call management capabilities with our cloud phone system.

Robust security policy controls

Feel confident that every call is secured. We employ several security protocols such as Single-Sign-On (SSO), block phone numbers, AI-based spam blocking, RoboCall mitigation using STIR/SHAKEN standards, TLS encryption/SRTP secure voice, and Emergency response locations for E911 calls.

Artificial Intelligence-powered Contact Center

The RingCentral Call Monitoring API lets developers connect to an active phone call and programmatically subscribe to an audio stream. With this call monitoring software, you can provide a real time transcription of a call. You can also program Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence to assist your contact center agents in helping resolve cases faster.

What You Need to Know About Call Monitoring

Anyone can monitor calls within a preconfigured Call Monitoring Group by your system admin. Then, the admin selects who can monitor calls and designates whose calls can be monitored.

Your system admin can turn on Automatic Call Recording for anyone, or you can record calls yourself.

RingCentral supports up to 100 call monitoring groups per account.

A supervisor can monitor designated groups and be monitored by their supervisors.

A call can only be monitored by one supervisor at a time. If a second supervisor tries to monitor the same call, they will be directly connected to the extension.

More Calling and Mobility Features

Call logs

Automatic call recording

Audit Trail

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