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Announcing RingSense for Phone: AI-powered call summaries, highlights, and more

RingSense for Phone


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By San Yee Dieh, Product Marketing Manager, Arielle Zappia, Product Marketing Fellow

There are over 100 billion business calls made in the US alone every year. Every call holds a treasure trove of insights waiting to be discovered. The real challenge lies in unlocking the value hidden within these trillions of minutes of voice conversation data. 

At RingCentral, we recognize the significance of this untapped resource, and our goal is to empower our customers to make sense of their conversations and enable smarter interactions.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re expanding our artificial intelligence (AI) platform, RingSense, across our portfolio. Meet RingSense for Phone – your personal AI that can transcribe, summarize, and find gems of insights in all your phone calls by leveraging generative AI.

What can you do with RingSense for Phone?

1. Turn talk into text with live phone call transcriptions & closed captioning

Live transcription and closed captioning use AI to automatically transcribe phone (and video!) conversations into written words in real-time. 

If you have a multinational customer service team, these features promote workplace accessibility and inclusivity for those with English as a second language. They give them an easy way to follow a conversation visually and reference what’s being discussed.

Moreover, they help ensure that callers never miss important points, even in noisy environments or while on the go. Call transcripts can also be downloaded for documentation and compliance purposes, and reviewed at any time during the call so users can catch up instantly while multitasking.

Live transcription and closed captioning are now available in beta.

🌟Pro-tip: Eliminate background noise to ensure distraction-free calls with your customers.

2. Digest more information quickly with call summaries and highlights

RingSense for phone - call summaries and highlights

Looking back for specific information? However big, small, or random, RingSense for Phone can retrieve it from your past conversations. Our AI can summarize long conversations with brevity and clarity, giving you all the context you need. 

RingSense for Phone will include AI-generated summaries, call highlights, and keywords with each recorded call for quick distillation of key moments in a conversation. This is especially helpful for sales teams who want to save time and easily identify key points without listening to long call recordings. 

Empower your employees to spend less time on low-impact tasks, like note-taking, and focus more on the conversation at hand.

Call summaries and keywords will be available in beta by the end of August.

3. Elevate customer experience with sentiment analysis 

RingSense for Phone helps detect emotional tone of conversations and identifies potential misunderstandings, allowing your customer-facing teams to proactively clarify and resolve issues.

For example, after a customer complaint call, new support agents can analyze positive and negative sentiments expressed during the interaction. This provides opportunities for course correction and helps them to respond the right way to navigate through similar unexpected situations in the future.

Sentiment analysis will be available in beta by the end of August.

4. Supercharge productivity with AI-generated call highlights and action items

RingSense for phone - AI-generated action items

Need a lightbulb moment? RingSense for Phone can “sense” what you should do next, help organize your next steps and delineate clear paths to impactful actions. 

Hear playbacks of recordings or access shortened highlights (or chapters) to get to key information fast. Users can also parse playbacks by speaker or topic. Most importantly, they will gain deeper insights through RingSense for Phone’s ability to capture action items, helping them to stay on top of their tasks and act right away after every call. 

Call highlights and action items will be available in beta by the end of August.

Your one source for intelligent and unified communications 

As we extend RingSense across MVP, we aim to provide a single source of business intelligence, the “guide by your side” in every conversation that synthesizes insights, applies context to conversations, and proactively delivers actionable insights to change business trajectory and outcomes for our customers.

Originally published Aug 08, 2023, updated Jan 31, 2024

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