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RingCentral Meeting Insights: Never miss a meeting, even if you miss it


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In today’s workplace, meeting overload is a major cause of stress and fatigue—which leads to the greatest challenge of all: loss of productivity.

For example, our schedules these days are filled to the brim with endless, back-to-back meetings.  Our work lives are also blending with our personal lives, meaning factors such as vacations, children, and doctor’s appointments can cause us to miss important meetings.

Not to mention that our teams are more distributed than ever, with colleagues working in different states, time zones, and even countries. And when certain team members can’t attend meetings, they spend significant amounts of time “catching up” via recordings.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new AI-based feature that helps workers stay on top of every meeting—wherever they work from: Meeting Insights.

What is Meeting Insights?

RingCentral Meeting Insights UI: whiteboard, conversation highlights, and more

Meeting Insights uses conversation intelligence to understand what a meeting was about and provide a quick summary for users to easily catch up.

Each recorded meeting includes all of the key information covered in a meeting, including a written summary, keywords, a video highlight reel, and even the entire transcript. When generated, users can view the summary at their convenience—and share it with others in the RingCentral app too.

The best part? The entire process is completely automated so participants can focus on the meeting. Just record the meeting and you’re set.

RingCentral Meeting Insights for mobile

1. Video highlights

RingCentral Meeting Insights video highlights

Instead of watching a recording from start to finish, our AI automatically generates a highlight reel of the meeting recording. This provides a distillation of key moments of the discussions so you can watch a recap version as a complement to the entire session.

2. Meeting snippets & keywords

RingCentral Meeting Insights: search for topics, keywords, and more

Using AI, meetings will include a contextual written snippet of the meeting that users can read up in seconds—with keywords for quick referencing and searching.

3. Meeting summaries

RingCentral Meeting Insights: AI-powered video meeting summaries

Meeting summaries are the “Cliff’s Notes” to your meetings. Using AI, meeting summaries provide a brief written recap of the meeting transcript that accurately summarizes the main points. 

4. Filter playback by speaker

RingCentral Meeting Insights: instantly find relevant content by speaker

Looking to review what a particular person said during a meeting? Review the recording by a particular speaker, with also the ability to sort speakers by name or the amount of talk time.

5. Search for keywords and topics

Some meetings cover more than one topic, and we make it easy to follow common threads throughout a session. Simply click on the AI-generated topics that appear at the bottom of the recording to find clips related to that specific topic.

6. Meeting transcripts

 If you need to access more details than the meeting summary provides, full meeting transcripts allow you to read the conversation word for word (but can be reviewed much faster than it takes to watch a whole meeting recording). 

Users can access transcripts for both the entire meeting and video highlights, and perform keyword searches to quickly find the most relevant parts. Transcripts can also be downloaded and sent to others.


A list of AI-generated keywords helps users quickly understand the meeting context. With recording keywords, users can easily find relevant recordings and get glanceable notes of the topics discussed—before they even view the meeting recording.

Search & playback

Search keywords and playback where those keywords were spoken in the transcript.

Multiple ways to use Meeting Insights

There are many scenarios where Meeting Insights can come in handy (even if you attended the meeting in question). Here are a few examples:

1. Sales

Sales teams are involved in so many meetings a day that it’s easy to forget key details in prior conversations—even with a CRM. And when it comes to building connections, every detail matters.

Use Meeting Insights to help jog your memory and quickly catch up on a prior conversation before meeting with a customer again. From customer needs to personal details, sales teams will have everything they need to close a deal.

2. Teachers and students

Teachers and instructors manage a lot of lesson plans across multiple grades and levels. Add virtual classrooms to the mix and it’s easy to lose track of what you already covered.

Quickly review your previous lesson plans via topics, highlights, and keywords and plan so you can confidently plan your next lesson. For students who missed a class or want a recap, they can easily reference the transcript and get caught up to speed.

3. Professional services

From accounting to legal services and marketing agencies, your schedule can get busy with brainstorming sessions and client meetings. Chances are you record these meetings for later reviews too.

With Meeting Insights, you can easily find key details via the included topics or keywords from the meeting recording. Alternatively, you could watch the video highlights to get caught up—and align and pre-flight on your team’s deliverables before the next client meeting.

How does AI help?

Reviewing a full transcript of what took place in a meeting can be time-consuming (and not always that helpful). At the same time, taking notes during a meeting hinders your ability to focus on the discussion.

With Meeting Insights, we’re not simply using AI to extract what happened—we’re using it to make recaps digestible and actionable.

“It’s not an extractive summary. The AI understands the context of the conversation and generates a summary that humans can understand.”

Prashant Kukde, AVP of Conversational Intelligence at RingCentral

Award-nominated & more

We’re not the only ones excited about our latest innovation. Meeting Insights was nominated as a finalist at Enterprise Connect 2022 for Best of Enterprise Connect

Meeting Insights is now generally available  for all RingCentral MVP and RingCentral Video Pro/Pro+ users. Fully available on  Desktop app, mobile app, and web.

Try it out in your next RingCentral video meeting. Simply record your meeting to get access to your insights.

Originally published Jan 19, 2023, updated Nov 03, 2023

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