RingCentral Cloud Connector

Connect your PBX to the cloud

Interconnect your on-premises PBX with RingCentral and transition to cloud in a phased approach
A woman using RingCentral to make a call
A woman using RingCentral to make a call

Maximize PBX investments while reducing risks

A woman on a call with a colleague via RingCentral app

Begin your PBX transformation

Build on existing PBX investments. Run existing contracts out while shifting portions of your organization to the cloud.
Save costs on international and internal dialing through free onNet calling between PBX and cloud users.
Begin repurposing monthly and quarterly funds towards more strategic areas of the business.

Reduce migration risks

Focus on areas of immediate need and reduce risks. See how the cloud integrates with your existing technology stack.
Take a tiered approach and migrate teams strategically - by departments, site location, or by operation type.
On request, we can offer in-country data residency for RingCentral cloud users in the USA, Canada, UK and Germany.
Female manager collaborates with a colleague using RingCentral app on her mobile phone
A conference call of a hybrid team made using RingEX

Reap cloud benefits now

Transform at your pace with flexible telephony migration.
On-premises PBX and RingEX users can communicate as if they were on one unified system.
Test out modern collaboration tools with select locations or departments while keeping your on-premises PBX.

Dive deeper into how it works

snapshot of RingCentral app with app integrations such as Google and Salesforce


Work with your teams, wherever they are

  • Integrate RingCentral phone capabilities into your favorite business apps like Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce.
  • Create integrated apps that work for your business’s unique needs with our open APIs, SDKs, widgets, and more.

Security that performs

Our platform puts a comprehensive set of administrative controls across message, video and phone at your fingertips, such as requiring your meeting attendees to authenticate, limiting who can enable screen sharing, and requiring waiting rooms for your users to approve attendees who can join.

Teams make secure calls with the RingCentral app on their mobile
Since rolling out RingEX, for the first time our firm is enjoying an outage-free phone solution. The entire staff is relieved to not have to worry anymore about being unreachable, being unable to speak with current and prospective clients, or not having the right information to return missed calls.
Jason Thomas, Chief Information Officer, Cole, Scott & Kissane

Frequently Asked Questions

RingCentral Cloud Connector is a hybrid PBX model where businesses can interconnect their on-premises PBX systems with RingEX. This allows for seamless internal employee dialing between on-premises PBX users and RingCentral cloud users. Previously, internal employee communication between both groups could not be connected, which caused increased overall telecommunications spend and IT complexities due to roaming charges and PSTN connectivity. Modern UCaaS providers like RingCentral changed that model, and now include a hybrid PBX solution with offering.
For large scale enterprises considering moving communications to the cloud, they may encounter a number of barriers where a hybrid PBX approach can help. For example, large enterprises with nationwide or global offices that require interconnection may have disparate, complex communication systems or operate a regulated business that requires some on-premises equipment in order to meet security standards. Also, those who are considering deploying a cloud communication service, but various concerns are holding them back from taking a full leap to cloud communications.
Large, global enterprises usually consider a multi-year, phased approach as they plan their shift to the cloud. This is yet another reason why a hybrid PBX deployment like RingCentral Cloud Connector may offer some additional flexibility. It can allow IT teams to manage cut-overs from legacy systems to a cloud platform in a piecemeal fashion, while at the same time allowing them to rollback easily should something go wrong.
RingCentral Cloud Connector may be right for you if any of the following describes your telephony goals:
  • You want to leverage your current on-premises PBX for a few more years, but you see the value of VoIP cost savings.
  • You want to sweat your current on-premises PBX for a few more years, but you also need video meetings and team messaging tools for some users in your company.
  • You are looking for a hybrid PBX model that allows only a subset of users to migrate to cloud while also interconnecting them with your on-premises PBX users. 
  • You have a desire to test modern UCaaS tools before you start your full cloud migration journey to reduce unknown risks. 
  • You are part of a multinational company, and want to save costs on global dialing, internal employee communications and save 15-20% (on average) for external dialing with users who migrate to cloud.
Any gateway that supports SIP Trunking can be used. If you are looking for recommendations, we have certified gateways with two vendors; AudioCodes and Ribbon.
RingCentral Cloud Connector is available in 14+ countries in which we offer RingEX for sale including USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and many European countries. Please contact us or your Account Manager for further details.
Aside from admin convenience, customers benefit from the wholesale rates that UCaaS providers receive from underlying carriers. That, coupled with reduced complexity requiring less in-house IT expertise, would lead to significant cost savings, especially for small to medium businesses.  
For larger, global enterprises, RingCentral’s global network interconnected with over 45+ countries across 6 continents offers significant benefits around cost savings and IT complexities by allowing customers to not only eliminate multiple PBX and UC vendors, but also consolidate all their PSTN connectivity with a single vendor. Meanwhile, all communications between their global locations remain on RingCentral’s private, global network securely providing the highest quality of service. See RingEX now.

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Maximize your PBX investments
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