On-Demand and Automatic Call Recording

Enable automatic call recordings for inbound and outgoing calls or record calls on demand.
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What is Call Recording?

Businesses today need to be able to communicate with their clients quickly and efficiently. Your business phone system must have the call recording option to achieve this. Once call recording is activated, you can access received calls and have a copy of the conversation aside from knowing who called. The functionality of an automatic call recorder helps businesses maintain high-quality service and train new agents, investigate disputes between company personnel--and more. Discover how RingCentral can help you improve your business.

On-demand call recording

Record your phone calls with On-demand call recording. Simply press a button to start and stop the recording when you want so no one misses any critical information during an interaction. Callers will hear a notification when the call recording starts and stops. As an admin, you can customize the call recording announcement callers will hear before recording any business call.

Automatic call recording

Meanwhile, the Automatic Call Recording (ACR) option enables you to record incoming and outgoing calls automatically. When this call recording feature is active, there's no need to worry about missing anything important from any phone call. Everything gets recorded right then and there. You can even playback the call recordings online or download the recorded conversations to your computer. To activate each user, use the RingCentral admin account.
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Features of a superb automatic VoIP call recording solution

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Easy-to-set-up call recording app

As part of the business VoIP system, RingCentral can help you and your business to be more responsive and professional. Your admin can enable automatic call recordings for all incoming calls to departments. They can also set up automatic phone recordings for one or multiple users in just a few clicks. Likewise, if you opt for an on-demand call recording, you can also quickly select incoming and outgoing calls to record.

Downloadable enterprise call recordings

With RingCentral, businesses can have the capacity to receive and process many phone conversations. Once you activate the call recording feature for your account, it will store up to 100,000 business recordings per account. You can also easily access and download these files individually or in bulk.
Need some help reviewing all those important calls? We also offer transcripts of your phone calls.
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A female on her phone listening to call recordings

Flexible call recording option announcements

As part of legal compliance, all parties who get the activated call recording option can receive default or custom announcements for all their inbound and outbound calls. For owners of RingCentral phone numbers, you will automatically receive emails once your admin has enabled the automatic call recordings feature for your phone number. 
On the other hand, to ensure call recordings are lawful and incoming callers can give their consent and appropriate permissions, they will hear an announcement before the call recording begins.

On-demand VoIP call recording option

Not all business phone systems can have on-demand call recording software, but with RingCentral, you do. RingCentral users can start and end recording anytime during the call.
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Female on mobile call using the RingCentral app

Works across devices

The call recording feature can be activated across all iOs and android devices to track your business calls done on the RingCentral app. Likewise, you can access your recorded phone conversations on your call logs. 

Use Cases for a Call Recording App

Legal Compliance and Documentation
Businesses must comply with federal laws once they activate the call recording feature. In some instances, these recordings can be used in court. Hence businesses must seek consent from the callers and inform them that your company does record phone calls.
Most states require one-party consent only, but others require all-party consent before you record incoming phone calls. To seek your clients' permission, and to comply with the rules, your business phone system must have a trustworthy call recording feature.
Monitor Phone Calls and Train Your Staff
Contact centers use voice recorders and call recording apps to train employees and monitor their performance in the workplace.
With a call recording, you can go back and explain to your team what improvements to make and how they can handle different situations encountered. With a call recording app, you can check whether your team offers high-quality phone conversations to your clients.
Evidence for Dispute Resolution
Organizations with an automatic call recorder can use their audio recording to resolve disputes. You can always refer to these call recordings to clarify phone conversations. A customer with a concern about how the call was handled? A supervisor can always check the facts using the call recording.
Improve Customer Service
The benefits of using call recordings for business are many and varied. One of them is to improve your customer service. Instead of just using recorded conversations to train agents, you can also use them as an opportunity to find patterns in customer behavior, which will help you better anticipate their needs going forward.

Call Recording Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Once activated for an extension phone number by an admin for individual or multiple users, the automatic call recorder will record all of the extension's incoming and outgoing calls.
You will also have complete access to where these call recordings are stored. Download these recorded conversations onto your computer as digitized audio files so you can playback them anytime. A record of these phone conversations will also reflect in the phone number's call logs.
With the RingCentral app, you don’t have to install other call-recording apps. Because RingCentral is a VoIP system, you already have two ways to record calls: on-demand (manual) and automatic.
The call recording feature is available to anyone who uses the:
  • RingCentral IP phones
  • RingCentral App on desktop and laptops
  • RingCentral App installed on your iPhone and Android mobile phones and tablets
Record via Phone
First, you need to open your RingCentral mobile app. From the screen, you'll see the list of icons. Click the Phone icon, then enter a new number where RingCentral can call you to record your custom greeting. Click Call Now, and you can proceed with the call recording process.
You'll receive an automated call from RingCentral detailing how to record your custom greetings. To start, press 1 to record. When you are done, press the pound (#) key. You'll hear another prompt afterward.
Press 1 - Save your custom greeting.
Press 2 - Listen to your greeting.
Press 3 - Change your greeting.
After the recording, you'll be redirected to the Call Recording Announcement section, where you can do the following actions when you click the following buttons:
To listen to your custom Automatic Call Recording Announcement, click the Play button.
To change or replace your custom Automatic Call Recording Announcement, click the Re-record button.
To download and save your custom Automatic Call Recording Announcement to your computer, click the Download button.
Click Done. You'll be redirected to the Call Recording Settings section, then click Save.
Record over the Computer Microphone
If you want to record your custom automatic call recording greeting via computer, first, you must log in to your RingCentral account. Click on the Settings tab, then choose Phone from the list. Under the General section, Click on the Edit button of the Extension Settings. You'll be redirected to a new browser window to edit your settings. Choose Settings, then Choose the Screening, Greeting & Hold Music tab. Once your call recording is enabled, you can click Edit and choose from the drop-down menu from Default to Custom.
From the Computer Microphone, click the record button. If you want to stop, press the Record button again. To listen to the recording, press the Play button. Then, click on the Upload button to save the custom greeting. Then, click done. You'll be redirected to the Call Recording Settings page. Finally, click Save.
No. The automatic call recording (ACR) feature is free and automatically enabled and available to Office Premium and Ultimate customers only. 
Recorded calls are automatically saved in call logs for up to 90 days, with up to 100,000 recordings per account. Then, you can download the audio files to your dropbox for storage. You can also download the recordings for your records or playback them in the future.
On-demand call recording using a desk phone
If you want to activate your call recording during an active phone call, press 9 (star 9) to start having recorded conversations. If you want to stop and save the recording, press the 9 (star 9) again.
On-demand call recording using the RingCentral Phone app
To activate your call recording option using the RingCentral app, just tap the Record button. If you want to stop and save the recording, tap on the Record button again.

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