RingCentral CloudConnect™

Your express lane to the RingCentral cloud.

Benefits of RingCentral CloudConnect™

Connecting your enterprise to your own cloud

  • With RingCentral CloudConnect, your business can establish a private, dedicated connection to the RingCentral cloud so you can gain a higher level of quality and control over your communications network.
  • Various CloudConnect options are provided to meet particular business needs, including single and multi-site connections.
  • Communications is the heart of your business, so why not ensure that you have the best quality, security, and support you can get?

Put more control in your hands

CloudConnect provides predictable and consistent quality of service because the data connection to the RingCentral cloud is dedicated to your business.

CloudConnect options

  • Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™
  • Console Connect
  • Megaport
  • Point-to-point Layer 2 connection
  • MPLS
  • SD-WAN

CloudConnect location examples

  • San Jose, CA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Dallas, TX
  • Vienna, VA
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Singapore

Experience active monitoring 24/7/365

Our RingCentral Network Operations Center (NOC) continuously monitors the health of your CloudConnect service and actively manages for stability to ensure your business has the maximum level of availability and quality.

The ultimate in reliability and security

Having your own connection to the cloud gives you the highest level of security and reliability. And with redundancy options, you get reliable uptime, even in the face of natural disasters or extreme weather. Two redundancy options are supported for CloudConnect:
  • A simplex redundancy option with over-the-top failover
  • A more advanced geo-redundancy option with failover to another CloudConnect link and optional additional over-the-top failover

CloudConnect FAQs:

How do I get CloudConnect for my account?

  • CloudConnect is available for all RingCentral MVP Ultimate™ editions. RingCentral will help you calculate your minimum bandwidth and recommend an optimal amount for each location. A capacity up to 1 Gbps can be provided for each RingCentral data center.

How do I get billed for CloudConnect?

  • You will still get one all-inclusive bill each month. CloudConnect is a line item on the bill.

What are my business resumption options with CloudConnect?

  • CloudConnect provides the ultimate in reliability and quality. You have two redundancy options, a basic redundancy and a more advanced geo-redundancy. Both ensure you get amazing uptime and quality, no matter what disasters may strike.

Who are the RingCentral Connectivity partners for CloudConnect?

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